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10th Day into flowering...How am I doing?

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So, this is the first indoor grow, I had some clones to start with of various strains. The clones were not in the best health when I received them, but I took them and went for it.

I have a 4x8x6 grow tent. Running to Diamond Series XML 350 LED grow lights and I added side lighting with 4 T5 CFL...

I am running Auto Pots - in COCO...I run fairly lean on nutes. As the plants were in bad shape when I got them I did not do any real training.They had been topped before I got them.

I have buds growing deep in the canopy and did lollypop them right before going to 12/12

Comments welcome..
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The grow got off to a bad start as the plants were sickly when I go them. I let them veg longer that I had planned.
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So far I am very pleased with the grow. I have one that stretched just a bit, the rest are low, bushy and nice buds. 12 plants all looking very healthy. The bud growth is explosive. Startingtoget nice and frosty too.

More photos to come...