112 LED + DWC + Love = We'll See


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So I was talking to a friend of mine, he mentioned he was growing I asked what kind of light's he had and to my surprise he told me LED. I thought to myself can't be possible so I did a little research and found that they do in fact really work. I sought out to get myself some panels and I did, But not before fully researching the light bulbs them self did I buy myself some cheapo eBay banks 13W each I got two for 99 cents so yeah I'm guessing they can't be to good ( I put them up any ways). So I ordered some from sunshine systems, I got 4 banks of 28W (GrowPanel45) and man did that ever make a difference.:cheer:

I started this DWC adventure on and around April 2

Since this is my first time doing a DWC or a grow on my own for that matter
I did not know I needed to have black and or dark colored containers, So I had got a clear one and DIy'd it into a mini bubbler of sorts

I have since switched to a 18gl tote.(roots were going brown they have since cleared up)

At first I had them in this box

I have switched to this

And I was using this light at first to vegetate them

I am now using these

As soon as I got the LED banks(May 2nd) from sunshine systems my plants went nuts
from this

to this in less then 3 weeks (May 18)

The stock got right fat and solid it was such a flimsy skinny plant now its nice and fat and thick with foliage(May 23)

Also being a nute newb I burnt my plant with Miracle grow, So I had to dump my res, refill, ph up since our water here is low in ph added in FloraMicro to the res, re ph'd my water

It has since gone into recovery mode and is looking a lot better then it was

These are the most recent pics (May 28)






I'm not sure if I missed any thing or kinda pattered out on some subjects let me know. Also if you think there is something I could do to improve on my setup please let me know I'd be glad to take some expert notes :peacetwo:

(its funny I ran out my door to get my system setup after reading Tulips DWC guide/whatever he called it man that was some GREAT info although i did not do the water pump setup I can't find irrigation manifolds in my town but I figured I could work it, thanks for the inspiration dude):thumb:
Thanks, It almost did not make it last year (cat chewed the cola off =[ ) I some how managed to get it back to normal and I kept pruning it to keep it small, I have cut about 30 clones from it lol and they do really well my main plant is a clone from it and look at that its doing great since its burn recovery
thanks for the post dude :high-five:
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