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12/12 From Bag Seed Under TopLed


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Hello and Welcome to my 3rd journal here on 420magazine

What strain is it?
Feminized Bag Seed

Is it Indica or Sativa?

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
12/12 From Seed

Indoor or outdoor?

If soil... what is in your mix?
BioBizz Light Mix with added Perlite

If soil... What size pot?
4" pot for now, 8" pot as a final pot later

Size of light?
48*3w TopLed Reflector

Temp of Room/cab?
Min 24°C / Max 26.2° C

RH of Room/cab?
About 50%

PH of media or res?

Type and strength of ferts used?


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Re: 12/12 From (Bag)Seed under TopLed

I started with 4 seeds but only 2 survived

Nr. One Sprouted on 21st of September - Today is her 10th day
Nr. Two Sprouted on 23rd of September - Today is her 8th day

After I transplant these 2 I will pop new seeds, 2 of my last Bag Seeds and one last KxS#1 regular and hope for a male. IF KxS#1 turns out a female I will stress her to hermie and pollinate a branch on each bag seed for some free seeds.

Also, hopefully, by the time they hit flower I should have an extra TopLed panel over them.

This time around I will avoid topping or FIMming and rely only on LST.

If you have questions or have anything to add, go for it.


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Re: 12/12 From (Bag)Seed under TopLed

I'm here budstep :) I've just finished waffling in my yard so I thought I'd pop by & get subbed up. All looks good buddy & I hope you get a male :)


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Re: 12/12 From (Bag)Seed under TopLed

i ll watch and learn from your experience.

thxs for sharing
Thanks for stopping by and welcome buddy.
Hope my journal helps you.

If you have questions or have something to share with others don't hesitate, we are here to help each other. :thumb:


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Re: 12/12 From (Bag)Seed under TopLed

LED journals now out number HPS - impressive :Namaste:
indeed, LEDs are here to stay for sure. Soon it will be cheaper to buy decent LED panel then setting up CFL grow :)

Obi Wan

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Re: 12/12 From (Bag)Seed under TopLed

Subbed. Nice start. Good luck!

/Obi Wan


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I ran a few 12/12 from seed plants, but what I found was that whilst it was potent, the buds were very spongy, and not nice and tight like the one with 3 weeks veg.

I think the problem was the lack of blue light, so I am keen to see how this runs for you given that you'll have a full spectrum to grow under; if I am right, then I feel we might see another sea change in growing habits as people realise they can go seed to harvest in 10 weeks with photo plants.

autos have got serious competition now :Namaste:


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Weekend Update

Today 4th of October:

Bag Seed Nr. One is 14 days from Sprout

Bag Seed Nr. Two is 12 days from Sprout

Nr. One and Nr. Two in new final gallon pots

All my tent refugees.

Also put to germinate today 2 new seeds, I decided to skip paper towels.
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