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12/12 from seed need help


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im doing a 12/12 from seed on some freebies i got from Attitude .

Those are

Dinafem blue widow


Dinafem Critical +

ive been doing a 12/12 from seed

and its been 25 days for the blue widow and the plant is still very small about the size of your thumb

as for the critical its about the same going on day 20

i was wanted to know if i switch to 18/6 for 2 weeks will this affect the plant / fuck it up?


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keep it on 12/12 it may f it up. it'll start small and end small with no veg. ive done it and it will be ok. but a low yeild. if your in a hurry. the plants will go into veg if you do 18/6 but you run the risk of herms because they started on 12/12. if you do 18/6 wait aleast 3 weeks for veg to occur. when i went to 18/6 they hermed on me. but it may be the strain i was growing. but ill never do it again unless going up 30 min increments to simulate the sun in the spring/summer. ill always start at 20/4 then go to 18/6 then 12/12. if its auto keep them on 18/6..


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wait im to high now so what your opinion is for me not to switch to 18/6?

cause if seen other peoples grow on these plants and by day 25 they should at least be about 6 inches tall with lots of wide leaves .

also note im using 2 yellow light cfl and 1 white light cfl all together gives out about 180 w output

idk im getting my auto timer tomorrow so thats why im asking i think i should give it a try for a week of 18/6 and then to 12/12

also the seeds are fem seeds btw


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no. a week of 18/6 wont do much. 3 weeks 18/6 minimum. itll take a week for the plants to adjust to a longer light time. but what cha like. whats your ph and nute schedule?
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