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1200W Mars II Top LED Hydro NTF Tangerine Kush - Delahaze - La Cannalope - Grape LA


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I recently purchased a couple of topled bloom lights and switched from growing autoflowers in soil to a full hydro setup. This journal is about one of my two rooms, this one is a multi strain closet with a strong lamp. The focus here is not yield but more of an easy (therefore I chose NFT) multi strain grow for some nice smoke.
The strains are:
Rare Dankness Tangerine Kush (x4 clones),
Paradise seeds Delahaze (x4 seeds),
DNA Genetics La Cannalope (a.k.a Cannadential) (x1 seed),
DNA Genetics Limited Grape La (x1 seed).

The tangerine kush clones had 1 week veg and the other three strains had 2 weeks of veg. Bloom was initiated a tad early with a hot summer in mind I'll have a hard time keeping the temps down the last few weeks if its packed full of buds.

At the time of writing it is day 34 flower, I have a couple of pics of them vegging and the last three pics are how they currently look. All have started to put off very attractive scents :p but the Grape La a bit less, which is to expect from grapefruit plants/crosses; It'll probably be a nice hash strain. The tangerine kush surprised me this morning: from one day to the next all their hairs have turned orange! most other girls in this closet are also starting to show some red hairs but these turned entirely in 24 hours!

System used is a simple NFT. Pump timer is currently 30 min on 60 min off. Had one pump malfunction 5 days ago and all plants nearly died and the whole closet was stinking like dead plant - but they survived and are doing fine again.

Nutrients are the plagron hydro line:
Hydro A & B,
Pure Enzyme,
Power Roots,
Green Sensation.

water supplemented with no mercy supply co2 tabs since week 3 flower.



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Re: 1200w Mars II Top LED Hydro NTF Tangerine Kush - Delahaze - La Cannalope - Grape

So here we are nearly a month later! there was one power out of 24h which hit them hard but they all more or less recovered and are doing ok. Very low yield wise but the buds are sparkling with thc and half the plants are well swollen up. The buds all smell gorgeous and look like they want to be eaten. Definitly the most resinous ive grown and all due to one thing: the 700w 5w LED grow light. The 400w versions already made the herb of my previous harvest the strongest i have and this light seems to do an even better job! even the lowest bottom buds are dense and sticky icky!


LA Cannalope

Tangerine Kush( looking like 80 days...
Grape LA

Grape LA


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Re: 1200w Mars II Top LED Hydro NTF Tangerine Kush - Delahaze - La Cannalope - Grape

That bud of delahaze is jaw dropping fatt nugget :welldone: looks great :)


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Re: 1200w Mars II Top LED Hydro NTF Tangerine Kush - Delahaze - La Cannalope - Grape

Just a little update: harvested grape la and la cannalope and one of the delahaze; got close to 2g bho out of the trimmings of those three. Im leaving the tangerine kush for another 7-10 days till they finish because they look like tasty fire and smell like actual tangerine you can even catch the scent of orange skin its pretty spot on, hope it turns out well after a good cure.

I really dislike the nft i have and instead of upgrading it to work properly im switching to dwc. I managed to just fit in a dwc bucket with 5 rare dankness scotts og clones that had about 45 days veg (but under soft light with nearly no nutes at all) and I just put them in a new dwc bucket and under 12/12 LED lights in one go so they'll probably need 2-3 days to get used to it all and most likely start flower like a week after the switch to the 12/12 closet. I think im gonna try grow them with advanced nutrients kushie kush and try get a massive og kush plant :p

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Re: 1200w Mars II Top LED Hydro NTF Tangerine Kush - Delahaze - La Cannalope - Grape

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