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14th week of flowering. need advice (with pictures)


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I'm attaching pictures of top and bottom of the plants (because they differ for some reason, the bottom looks more ripe), aswell as trichomes close up shot through a microscope (not of best quality sorry).

1st plant -

2nd plant -

3nd plant - [u

My question is - is it a wise thing to cut them down now? Do you think I will loose much? The thing is I need to cut them down as soon as possible. Please, what do you suggest?

Honest thanks for all replies
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Nice girl you got, in Michigan this year we had a lot of moisture in the air(usually over 50% till June) and with the Sativa you have that usually likes to go longer anyway, she was able to get some Nitrogen and water from the air to witch she got the tips a little burnt but NOT a problem. I see you use a solid container vs a fabric container that can also hold water very well. She is ready to harvest even though the leaves say that she can go longer. The Hairs are not lying to you and the BUDs are ready especially if under less than a 1,000 Watt light.I currently have an AppleJack that has the same problem....see pic.
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