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150 Watt HPS


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FLORALUX 150w HPS Mini System


16,000 lumens!

Best mini grow light on the market today!

Fits in very small spaces!

Floralux 150 watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) System

Comes complete with 150 watt HPS Bulb!

The Mini FLORALUX fixture combines performance and price resulting in an incredible value. This complete system has the ballast housing connected to the reflector for a simple and efficient setup with no floor space needed. The Mini FLORALUX is specifically designed for horticultural production. The ballast housing is vented for heat dissipation and the reflector is high efficiency 95% reflective, pebbletoned aluminum for maximum output without hot-spots. The fixture housing


has anyone ever used one of these? how many plants will this work with at max? also if you have used it what were your results like?



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ive used a similar small 150w hps. with decent sucess too!

it grew a good single plant that was stem trained to cover more area..

if you ever want to grow more than a little plant or two, in a small cabinet, then go with a 400w.
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