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150w hps for flowering 1 plant?


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Wussup folks, i was wondering if a 150w hps light would be enough to flower 1 plant? I have a grow closet setup that's 4 1/2' tall 3' wide and 1 1/2' deep. its lined with mylar. The plants I'm planning on flowering is going to be about 2 1/2 to 3' tall. Would the 150w be good or should I get a 250w or 400w? Thanks for any advice.

-Rj :peace2:


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Yes. I use two 150 watt HPS in a closet about twice that size. You will need to deal with the heat. If these are the self contained ones (ballast is in the reflector), I put vent tubing right on the top vents over the ballast and vent that directly out. That helps a LOT on keeping the reflector cool.



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Ok thanks man imma get a 150 this weekend then. I got a grape ape n a blueberry in veg now planning on grabbing a god bud n a elephant also.

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