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k so when I want to switch from 18/6 to 12/12, can I go into 37 hours of lights? so i can make the hours that the 6 is in right now(5-11pm), into lights on hours during the 12/12.

18/6 = 11pm-5pm on / 5pm-11pm off

37hrs on

12/12= 12am-noon off/ noon-12am on

Spliff Twister

New Member
I dont think you need to leave you're lights on for 37 hours. just dont turn them off from 5-11 and them turn them off at 12 like yuo want.

Can i make a suggestion about your'e times. Well first before I do is ther any special reason why you picked those times?

Spliff Twister

New Member
Oh well for you 12/12 if you can maybe think about on at 7pm off at 7am. i always tell epople to do this for two reasons.

1 your lights are off during peak charging time for electricity and on when its cheaper so you will save some money on your electricty bill.
2 Because its naturaly hotter in the day then at night and at night when you're lights are on it will maker it hotter so you have a more even tempature all day. Of course if you have central heating and air and keep you're house at the same temp all the time that doesnt matter but if you're like me and don't it works well. My grow rooms are almost 75 all day but if I ran my lights in the day time they would be at like 90+ and 60-
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