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18 Stockton Homes Seized In High-End Pot Bust

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California - A major federal marijuana bust led to the seizure of 18 homes in Stockton, where DEA agents found thousands of high-quality marijuana plants. The details of the raid in early July are contained in a federal criminal complaint. At one home, located in the 5700 block of Caribbean Circle, agents reported finding 563 plants, 15 pounds of processed marijuana, an electrical bypass, industrial filters and fans, six electrical boxes and 42 grow light hoods containing 1,000 watt high-pressure sodium bulbs. That home was raided on July 1. Agents also arrested Xi Pan Wu, who was inside the home at the time of the raid.

Neighbors of another home, said they were shocked that a major grow was happening under their noses. "Every time I came out, there would be a white car parked here, all the time, but nobody would be coming in or coming out," neighbor Carlos Arzabal said. At another home less than a mile away, a neighbor who did not want to be identified said he was amazed that the young man he often saw at the home was involved in a grow ring.

"He was a clean cut guy. Looked like a college kid. No one you would ever expect him to be doing something like that," the neighbor said. At one home, you could still see dozens of special submersible pumps used to keep the water circulating around the plants. At a home on Hanna Bay Court, neighbors said they'd seen no sign of anything unusual. "No trouble, no traffic, very silent, kept to themselves. Usually you get a smell. We didn't, not one thing," neighbor Merle Emmons said. It was not immediately clear if others were arrested in the raids in early July.


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