180W Super Lemon Haze Grow - Lots of Pics!

Can you guys link us to other journals that are using GLH's lights? .V.

to be honest i dont really know to many i was about to ask mike the same thing. ive just been seeing people pop up on my thread that are using his lights. it would be cool to see a list of the grow journals using these lights.

this is the newest one i found Trichtones First Grow | XJ-13 and PK | 600W LED

and here this one i found the other day Santa Cruz OG - SSH - Medi Bud - --- Grow - Help is Totally Welcome

thats all i can remember seeing, is their others mike?
I just started a journal using one of his 300W units. You guys can check it out by clicking on the link below this message if you want.
Can you guys link us to other journals that are using GLH's lights? .V.

Typing in glh and selecting the Grow Journals forum in this site's search function shows 19 results.
I have a 1/2 z curing right now.. I just opened up the jar to take a whiff and wow!!! from now on all of my harvest will cure for at least a month.. such a strong pungent smell!! maybe ill taste test some tonight...
Alohas Mike

Just got my 180w and all I can say is wow! I've always used sunshine but I gotta say this is the brightest, most unique light I've ever seen. :smokin:

First thing is I've started to veg a couple outside ladies and then I'll let one finish outside and one finish under the LED. I'll keep you posted.
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