1st attempt at DWC hydro but

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Ok, I want to let you know first and foremost, I had set up a dwc system a couple weeks ago and moved a couple pants to it but had ph issues very quickly and was not prepared with nutes and other things prior to. Leaves were turning white from bottom leaves upward. As I had to go out of town for a few days, I decided to scrap the entire thing and replant my dwc plants back to soil.
Just reset up everything and moved a couple back into the dwc set up.

Ok for set up-
400 w mh veg (hps for flower)
Maybe 18" off the canopy of plants. On 24/ 0 but will switch to 18/6 soon.
Closet grow
Well ventilated
Many fans
Humidity is between 50-60
Temps are high 83 low 79 if or at 6 hrs off it will drop to mid or high 60's

10gallon tote
3 3" net pots
Rockwool and stones
Using general hydro nutes and calmag
Ph seems to keep at 6 for a while without adjustment. I know I want a little lower but I'm dealing with a color chart and it's right at that cusp.
Ppm is only 500 ish.
Plants were already abused from the failed hydro then repotting them rehydro-ing...and they were also cuttings from a flowering plant so I have been trying to put back in veg while soil/hydro/soil/hydro... so there must be high risk of hermie-ing and certainly growth stunting.
But I was seeing improvement until yesterday. Everything was coming back from when it was turning white from the bottom up but now it's turning light again and I'm worried I have either gave too many nutes or it's not getting enough. Hoping you all can help!

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Recent pic showing today and just maybe 2 days ago. Any thoughts? I checked ph- 6-
Ppm- <=400 I didn't want to overload as everyone always says a quarter or fifth of what's on the label....

Any help please?

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1st attempt at dwc hydro but....

I will get a pic but they were just put in the other day so I'm not expecting much but I did notice one doesn't seem to be growing new roots. Though I could just not see them. Pics to follow.
General hydro- I do a quarter of regular dose- or try. My Ppm I guess will tell me.
Oh also add calmag.

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Why guess would be that you have some kind of root issue going on.

I use z7 water treatment to take care of why water/roots

My first year before I found it I have a lot of issue like that.

Hydrograud is another one that works for some.

I hope I am wrong. It might be just settling in.


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get your self some grate white it works very well I mix it with every water change no root problems anymore. Just crazy big ass roots now

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I just got myself some gw bennys and let me say one clone is showing massive root growth. Will z7 clean the great white out too?

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( Will z7 clean the great white out too?) I have not used Great White.

But I think it does a lot of what z7 does.

All I use these days is z7 nutes and tap water.

I found it to be the simplest way for me not to have any water/root issues.

But I am sure there are many other ways of doing it.
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Thank you all for the suggestions. Before ordering these root helpers I wanted to send an update and prose a couple questions.

So set ups are as follows.
Two separate dwc setups. One with 5 3"net pot in 10 gallon and another 3 3" net pot in 10 gallon. For some reason the 3 set up has been the area this one plant is failing but I moved it and it doesn't seem to help which suggests another issue.
Ph is good- around 6+-
Ppm in the 5 pot is 600 +- ph'd water was 80ppm prior to nutes.

3 pot is 400-420 with same pre 80 ppm

One would think the lower ppm would have less issues but maybe neither are having issues now that I think about it. I'm starting to see roots finding their way to the water which is cool. But the one that has the worst leaf color is barely pushing roots. On top of that please look at the trunk and tell me what the white stuff is at the base. Thanks

All input is appreciated!

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Also, just so you know- one new seedling, a couple cuttings that were in flower before cutting- taking forever to veg but they have been through hell- tried hydro- really depleted them of nutes, then put back in soil until I cools give them attention then back to hydro. A lot on the old girls but it's all a lesson.

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How wet is your rockwool staying? If its staying too wet you may need to drop your water level. I should ask where your water level is at as well.
I cant tell from the pic but if it stays too wet too far up you can get rot at the crown and that can spell disaster. I know in seedlings its called damping off or some such... Dunno if it has a different name on older plants or not.


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That is one of the reasons I gave up RW for Hydroton.

You have to keep the RW just right.

RW also tends to wick up salts and keeps it to wet a lot of the time so it ends up getting root issue or damping off.

Next run give expanded clay pellets a try.
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You know, I'm learning this. Seems the ones with more stones are doing better than the one stuffed with rw. I will tell you I went in tonight and took out a bit of rw and replaced with stone. Hoping it helps.

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Wanted to give a little update-

I think many of the later comments are making a ton of sense. I have one plant that is really struggling. I thought it was water but other girls starting getting green again and actually and finally growing roots. So it appears to be a root issue but I'm unsure how to address it other than, removing much of the Rockwool to give the roots more space to find water. Water is just tapping the bottom of the 3" net pot and I covered the top to keep light pot. Not much else I can do. Ph and ppm are all good although ppm is still at 500 ish minus 80 for ppm water st start. I want to increase nutes but am a little worried about too much.

Any input is appreciated

This is the one with root issues. And trunk fungus or something.

These are the others.

One is just a baby and one is basil. Lol gotta have my basil! Others are revegged clones from flowering girls. I know I know but they are coming back!

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After my roots grow out of the bottom of the pot i drop my water level 2 or 3 inches from the bottom of it. That way only the spray from the bubbles is hitting my medium. I will top feed with great white every 2 or 3 weeks and my roots and crown are usually pretty nice.
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Update- not so good in dwc ville! Main problem plant has just gotten worse. It does seem have been trying to grow some roots so I am hoping it is just being dramatic and she comes around.

The others also seem to have worsened in the top end too. Just seems like lockout or burn- I really don't know. I would say nitrogen issue but I use calmag with my nutes and ppm is still around 600 (80 prior to nutes) and ph is just shy of 6- all looks good to me.
I haven't added any nutes for several days as it doesn't appear to need any. Ask, while the tops are looking worse, each seem to finally be rooting. A couple had already started.

I guess my question is I understood you can get like 2 inches a day (great day) going hydro but my soil girls are growing much better and faster.


And this is the baby. Was looking good until yesterday. I feel like she has too much water so I'm trying to dry her out.

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So Mike can we c a picture of of your roots also what your Rez temp and what r u using for nutes and how r u mixing what's your over all ppm and how is your ph stable or is all over the place

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Also how much air do u have in that big ass tote that's really important also how far from your net pots is the water in your Rez and have u checked the ph of the stones u have on your plants and what type of stone. It's known that different types of stones have different effects on ph because they r basically minerals some good some bad u will have to figure this out I order to have a successful grow

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Let me get you what I do know off hand-
Nutes - general hydro
I am doing a 1-2-.5 of the three bottles with a 1 of cal mag in addition. All of this is at 1/4 strength per gallon or at worst 1/3.
My ph has been lingering near 6 for a couple days which is awesome that I'm not chasing it down every day. Have to check temp.
I will say, ppm has risen in the past couple days too.
Was near 550 how nearing 700. No additional nutes just daily checks of ph and ppm.
Not sure what's up but leaving it alone until they drop.
Overall I'm getting color back which makes me smile! And I do think it correlate with the root growth.
Water is kind of spitting in the net pots but with longer roots- they are in or on water. Can't really adjust until all plants have established themselves.
As for air- running 2 10 inch air stones running off pump for 30-60 gallons. Seems effective but can always add more.
Stones are just river rocks- washed. I was seeing some issues with the rockwool so I wanted a little less condensed moisture on the plants- so far so good but never checked their ph.

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