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1st Cabinet, Scrog Growth


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Hi All!

This will be my first entry! But this is not my grow.
I want to say thank you for all of the information that I have already absorbed. All Of your help is much appreciated! Reading and researching around these forums has been a real pleasure! You are all so helpful and polite! I feel that I have read many answers for my questions throughout this forum somewhere. But, I would love a Pros opinion!

My query is: 1. When would you flip to flower 2. How high would you put your SCROG, and 3. What would you expect to yield per plant?

Assuming; cab height of cab is 30", height of growth medium is 8" off bottom of cab, total growth space/height with lights is 18" ish depending on angles...both plants are 1.5 months old, happy and healthy in veg from seed. (1GDP, 1WW) are short and bushy, topped at 7th node, currently approx 7" tall from medium. Each container will have its own scrog which is a 1'x1' screen with 1"x1" holes.

-Cabinet: 30"wx30"dx30"h
-Mylar lined
-1 computer vent fan for exhaust (about 6")
-1 comp vent fan for plants
-passive intake holes near bottom
Lights Total: 173 watts
-3 sunblaster 24" 23w T5's, side by side above plants, (64k veg and 27k Flower) currently using 64 only for Veg.
- 2 sets of 4 bulb ballasts (8 bulbs total), 13 watt spiral CFL's, both spectrums. currently above plants, would they be better as side lights. Any suggestions?
-current Photo period is 20 on 4 off (20/4)
-Containers: 3 Gal, 10"hx10"w.
Soil; 3parts Coco perlite promix, 1 part MG potting soil (sorry)
NUTES: No Nutes in Veg, A+B for flower every other watering.
RH: winter, basement, ?

True North Seeds STRAINS:
1x Canuck seeds Grand Daddy Purp (GDP)
1x Canuck Seeds White Widow (WW)

Thank you again for your help!


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100 Views and no reply? Ouch... is it something I said? lol

Update: they are 8" tall now from medium. Im still not sure if they should go to flower or hold out a bit more...


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I would veg them 6 weeks, cause you have limited light. Put the scrog screen about 10 inches above the plants. Can't guess yield, cause there's too many variables. I would use 3x3 or 4x4 holes in screen cause 1x1 is too small to work with.


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Thank you for the advice Payton!
Will putting the scrog 10" above medium allow for enough "scroging" or will it just act as a trellis, holding up the colas? considering I only have about 18-20 " to of total grow height.


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You might want to put it lower then. The lower it is, the harder it is to water and to clean up under the screen. It's still possible, my first scrog was only a couple inches above
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