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1st Ever Deep Water Culture Closet Grow - Ice Cream Clones


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Hello All,

I am finally starting my grow journal.

This is my first ever grow and I am growing legally in CA, I have my six clones.

All are housed in a closet, 3.5X3.5X9ft. I cleaned out the closet, and painted two coats of mold resistant white paint. Purchased all equipment needed for vegative stage. I am currently running a electronic 400watt ballast, air cooled hood, eye hortilux blue 400w mh bulb, one oscillating fan, one stationary fan rigged to the light hood, two air pumps (one for each reservoir), 3 air stones, one circular air stone thing, one 4 inch fan from walmart (mounted in bottom of the closet door blowing cool air inside), 6inch duct venting out to attic then outside slowly, big room temp gauge, home defense spray, silver ducting tape and some foam lining to go around door frame.

Originally I started off with a ring type feeding tube system which looked liked crap, but worked. At the same time sending way too much water in to the pots, there was no controlling of the amount of water. Until recently I changed it to a drip method. Works perfectly. I can now control the amount of water coming out of each tube, up to a drip at a time.

For newts I am using Supernatural Brand Grow Aqua 17-7-18 is what it says on it. I started off with a 25% strength when I first got the clones March 17, 2010, and have increased the strength to about 50-60% as of today, April 2nd. I am also using Rhizotonic for root strength. PH is at about 5.9-6.3, all I know is from the PH tester it looks yellow and no sign of green yellow just a light shade of brown, but mainly yellow. Room temps have been between 70 and 80 degrees. I do not have a PPM tester, I will get one in about a week and a half.

Clones I have 3 Ice Cream (paradise seeds clones), 1 Candy Purple, 1 Kushadelic, and 1 Lemon Kush. As you will see from the pics I will show soon, the small black container houses the newer clones (one Lemon Kush and one Kushadelic are together) which have been moved from this blue container recently, so I am hoping they are still in shock and can come back to life. The leaves are wilted and do not look good.

Lights I am running 20/4 cycle until flower time. And not too sure when I will do that.

I have had the Ice Cream and Purple Candy clones for 17 days, do the plants look decent or should they be bigger?

Should I increase the newt strength? Currently around 50-60 % newts in main reservoir and 25% in small one.

I have not fimmed, trimmed or LSTed my plants, only exception is the oscillating fan which is on low, and blowing slightly upwards towards plants.

The two clones together are not doing so hot. The shorter one does have some roots in the water now, but the other is still in its rockwool cube and it was soaked when I transplanted it to this black bucket - roots are out of rockwool cube but not into water yet. Its only been in the black bucket for about 2 days. I have had these two clones for about 6 days. What do you all think it could be? In this black bucket are only two air stones and a air pump making bubbles, PH in here is like 5.8-6.2. Yellow with a brown tint on PH tester. Its a little darker than my main reservoir. I am using 25 percent newts from Supernatural Brand Aqua Grow. And Rhizotonic.

I will be posting some pics now. Hope it works.

Thank you all for any assistance with my Closet Medical Grow.



4inch fan mounted in door. Sandwiched between.

door shut

Lemon Kush and Kushadelic is the shorter one.

3 ice cream clones and one candy purple in far back right.

rigged fan blowing into light hood. venting to attic



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Very nice! I have a couple feminized ice cream seeds waiting to be popped. I'll be keeping an eye:eek:) The 17 day olds look pretty good so far. how long are you planning to veg them for? But those clones... not too sure whats goin on there. They look like they've got too much moisture going on or something? I'm not familiar with hydro set ups, I'm growing in soil but my clones rooted better when not totally soaked all the time at first, so they look for water more, if the rockwool is kept very moist they don't root as quickly. I think it might be helpful to bring those little clones up closer to the lights- propped up on something so their canopy is even with you others. There's a really big leaf on that taller clone that looks quite wilty, it might have slowed it down a bit through the rooting process. I'm pretty new to this stuff myself, so I'm not much of an instructor, but I have been advised that my weaker cloning attempts could have been improved by cutting the leaves back farther so the plant doesn't respire too much, and puts more of its stored energy into sending out roots than keeping a huge leaf alive. Put it a little closer to the light and it might be just the energy boost that kid needs? Like the setup, very efficient. What are you doing for odour control, or do you need it in your growing area?
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Hey LeenieBean,

I gonna prop that smaller bucket on something right now. As for odor control, its not needed. Its all OK here where I live.

Do you think I should cut the big leaves off the clones, the droopy ones that is?

Thank you for your reply.

Video from today: 18 days now since purchased as baby clones. (Blue bucket)

YouTube - First Medical Closet Grow



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they didn't actually look too bad in the video there. Those bottom leaves will probably dry up on their own eventually by the look of them- so I'm not sure whether trimming them now when the clone already has roots will have an effect or not- just takes longer to root stressed cuttings. I usually take wilty leaves off if they get to the point where they don't have green in them anymore- not for any good reason other than asthetic appeal. Hopefully some more people come by to have a look at them and we can get some better feedback.


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All is looking good brother but clones looking a bit sad!

Not a hydro guy myself but suspect they might be a little over watered! Your plants in the blue bucket are looking good but would consider flowering them soon unless moving them to a different container as there quite close together. I would recommend you do a bit of trimming or topping on those girls, as it will slow them down a bit, giving time for your clones to catch up...



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I agree with Dean, when you throw those girls into flower you will very quickly run out of room those girls are gettin big and they'll only rocket up faster when you switch to 12/12 on HPS- are you able to raise your lights at all or are they stuck there? not sure with the cyclone fan attached to the reflector if you've made it pretty much unmoveable or not. I did a search in google when it was time for my ladies and it came up with "Uncle Ben's" topping/training method. It involves topping them at the second node-I did this with all my ladies and they ended up with 4 very nice main branches. - I think propping the little ones up will help a lot. Will take them a while to perk up. I won't post a picture cause I think thats hyjacking, but if you have a look at my thread, you'll see what I mean- there's one of my satori moms that I took a picture of with her 4 tops somewhere closer to the last page.


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Hey LeenieBean,

I can move my lights up all the way to the top of the ceiling if I have too. I do plan on moving the rigged fan up with the light hood when its time, which should be soon.

I will definitely take a look at your thread.



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Monday April 5th, 2010 update.

YouTube - First Medical Closet Grow - Part 3

The small clones seem to like being close to the light. I will leave the Kushadelic and Lemon Kush clones there until it hits the light hood glass. I added a little Hydrogen Peroxide this morning...only to the smaller container.

PH is around 5.8-6.2 on both containers. Yellow with a little brown tint on the PH Tester.

Room Temp is at 71 degrees.

Still have not been able to get my PPM tester, but I believe the bigger tank is about 50-60 percent nutrients and the smaller is at 25 percent. Still using Supernatural Brand Aqua Grow with a little Rhzotonic, until the end of the week, and probably will not need to add any more of this stuff - the Supernatural Brand that is...

Lights I am running an Eye Hortilux Blue 400 watt, From the start in had them on 24/0 for about 4-5 days, then went with 20/4 cycle for 14-15 days, and now 2nd day at 18/6, I will go with 12/12 in about 18 more days of vegging. This is my first time growing and am hesitant to try Supercropping or Topping.

Any suggestions?

Thanks all,



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Just want to let you know I will be reading this in the AM to get caught up, and will help with any advice I can... Dean has a point... I moved my 3 plants into 3-5 gallon buckets from a tote... Be back in the AM... ;)


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Hey LeenieBean,

I'm gonna check that out after I smoke...

I am gonna stick with the MH for the first 4 or 5 days of flowering then switch out to one of the Eye Hortilux HPS bulbs. Not sure which one though.

EYE Hortilux Super HPS

I am hoping I can use the 430 watter. If not I'll go with LU400S/HTL/EN.



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April 8, 2010 Update.

I just made a cloning set-up last night. I had some extra tubing and a water pump. I made a oval ring coming out of the water pump using a T. The T completes the oval and is placed inside on the reservoir. As you can see I used two small containers (one for a dome). I am keeping them clear so I can add another area right underneath it, and have them stacked. Not too worried about Algae at the moment . Now after I had the oval tubing the way I wanted it, I now drilled two holes in close proximity to each other around the tubing, pointed downwards, and firing directly back into the reservoir. I am not using a air pump right now, I had to utilize what I had lying around. Seems to be fizzing up in there like a can of 7up was poured into it.

YouTube - First Medical Closet Grow - Part 5 - 22 day old clones.

I made two small cuttings, one each from two plants. One Ice Cream, and the other clone in the left front is a Candy Purple. I mad a 45 degree cut, then split the stems in the middle. Used no cloning gel or powder. Places directly in 1 gl. of PH 5.9-6.2 RO water with about 10-15ml of Rhizotonic.

Lights: I am using one aquarium/reptile style hood. Only has one CFL tube in it right, but has two more attachments for regular bulbs, or screw in type CFL's can go in there for a total of three. I'll get them this weekend.

I am hoping for the best, as this is only an experiment. I am hoping the temps don't go over 79 degrees. If they do, I will use the timer attached to the water pump.

Before I used the set-up, I ran 1gl of RO water and almost a half cup of Hydrogen Peroxide, and let it run for about 2 hours. Then drained and filled back up. Only adding about 3 drops of Hydrogen Peroxide this time, as a little will go a long way I hear.

Thanks for viewing.



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good luck with the cloning :eek:) I'm being somewhat unsuccessful at it right now... learning process thou some of my clones are flowering now and growing like weeds LOL Rooting in water is sort of hard to flub up but it just takes a really really long time. Im not sure if its different for rooting in water, but clones are most successful when kept warm 80 is pretty optimal, but I prefer warmer even. One of my batches of clones pretty much failed because they were too cold.

I mentioned your grow to my friend who I'm doing this grow with, and he said that your lights could be much closer to your canopy as I kind of thought by looking at the videos. It helps with the stretch on those guys, and since your clones are so different in size it can be a pain to make sure the little ones get enough light- he said even 6"- but a better gauge is your hand, if it feels like your hand is getting too hot, back it off a few inches give them a bit of room to grow as well just to be safe. Our flowering cab has a few different ages and heights and in order to get the young ones enough light they're all propped up on various objects to get them up closer to the light with the big ones. One of the satori clones is stretching like crazy and looks like it'll bust right out of the top of the cab if we let it :eek:S kinda a pain in the arse really its a great strong plant with a trunk of a stem but it makes everything else harder to take care of being so much bigger[/U]


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April 9, 2010 update. Right now its just pass 12am here is Cali.

As you can see from the pictures, I can not lower my light hood any more, it would be hitting the largest plant. I will have to raise it tomorrow afternoon a few inches and get something to prop up the small clones in the black bucket.

I am also going to get 5 more black buckets and put each one of those clones in by themselves.

The blue container houses all clones (3 Ice Cream, one Candy Purple far back right) that were put into the reservoir March 17, 2010 that's 24 days ago. The black container houses newer clones Lemon Kush and small one is Kushadelic, I have had these for about 2 weeks now. Stunted growth on them (nutes too strong, and rockwool was soaked for too long in the reservoir at one point), but seem to have gotten over it, and now are back on track.

Cloning Experiment:

20 Hours after putting clones in there:

Thanks LeenieBean, I'll keep a watch on those clones:)

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