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1st Grow - 1st Journal with Critical Kush


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Well as title says im a newbie grower ( 1st timer ) and i have decided to try and show my efforts in a journal .

I have use 420 as a font of information since i started and its by far the best site i have been on so i joined up made my 1st post today and have decided to share my experience ( be it very little ) haha with a journal of sorts .

Unfortunately i am 2 months in so will bring you all up to date as fast as i can .

Again im a newbie so bear with me and i will try to explain everything i have done for the last 2 months.

type: Indica
yield: 750gr/m2
height: 80-90cm
flower time: 55-60 days
thc: 25%
cbd: 2.1%
genetics: Critical Mass X O.G. Kush

vegged : 4 weeks
been flowering : 4-5 week so far
indoor : roof qube 2.4 x 1.8 x 1.2 tent
soil : terra pro
seeded/pots : peat pellet then into a 10cm pot then into a 15ltr final pot
lights : 2 x 125cfl for veg then 2 x 600 watt hps for flower
non air cooled just regular reflectors
temps : between 76f and 87f on hotter days 60 - 70f when lights off 40-55 % humidity.
8" rhino fan and filter extraction
150mm inline fan for fresh air
2 x 6" air movers
1 x oscilating tower fan
variac fan controller
PH : now some will tut but i never ever checked .
Pests : none as of yet .
watering/feed schedule is : feed . water . water. feed
nutes . Plant magic .

veg stage : 4 weeks .
Foliar spray when young ( peat pellet stage ) FORMULEX
re-potted on into 10cm pots when roots show on pellet then no feed for a week just spray again.
re-potted again into 15ltr when leaves were covering top of 10cm pots .
then 3 weeks of root stim 2ml per ltr then upped that by 1ml per week up to 4ml per ltr at week 4
bio silicon 0.5 ml per ltr 1st 3 weeks then upped to 1ml per ltr for week 4

flower stage: plant magic.
soil grow : for first 2 weeks 3ml per ltr
root stim : for 2 weeks 4ml per ltr ( finished now )
bio silcon : still using 1ml per ltr and will be same up to week 7
soil bloom : week 3/4 2ml per ltr .. week 5 feed 3ml per ltr untill week 8 then week 9 i will flush .
bloom boost : week 4 0.5 ml per ltr ...then week 5 1ml per ltr and same up to end of week 7 .

I hope all that was legible for you haha .

Because i didnt start this from week 1 i will post up piccys from then untill present with dates and stuff . And then will keep journal up to date as as when i retake piccys etc etc up till the end .

heres my babys in there 10cm pots 1st week up to 7th june .



13th june 6 days on



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well its the 3rd august . Today in fact and they just keep impressing me . I will post more photos up when i next feed which wil be tuesday . Hope im doing things ok and im sure i coulda maybe done more but i have kept it at a basic lvl for my 1st attempt and so far its looking ok . The ones here is about half of my grow too .:thumb:



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Damn those colas look great. Begginers luck has nothing to do with it you've done an amazing job. When do u plan on harvesting? Help another new grower out and detail your trimming/drying/curing process please! Nice job!


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Hi raisingcain thanks for the feedback . I plan on harvesting in about 4 weeks ,there is 3 weeks of feed left then a week of flushing . The drying will be done in the tent on string lines .

As far as trimming goes i have never done it so will need to read up on it a bit . Curing i have read up on and will buy some air tight 2ltr glass jars and some silica gel packs to draw some of the remaining moisture out after drying , oh and i will cure for 2 weeks .

When the time comes i will be posting up more piccys as i go too .

Other than that im just winging it and riding my luck haha :thumb:


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thanks peeps but i need some advice tho on the mollases/black treacle usage . I did buy some treacle as it was in local supermarket . One web site that sells the stuff says its NO ADDED SULPHUR yet i read on some forums that it contains sulphur altho i think thats in gas form ??? so im slightly confuddled . Any advice would be welcome on this matter thanks .
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