1st Grow 2x600W LED Coco

Dabby Duck

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Hi all,

This will be my first ever grow. I have been planning this at different moments over the past 20 years. Now I am going to stop dreaming and put all my research into action.

Set Up
I have a 4/4/7.5 grow tent for vegging plants. Will transition to a 10/10/10 space for flowering. Currently I have 2 Viparspectra 600w lights. Going to add 400w COB to flower room. Will start in smaller pots but will eventually end up in 5 gallon smart pots. I will be using straight coco from hydrated bricks as my medium with GH 3 part nutes as well as some silica, diamond nectar, floraliciius plus, and koolbloom. Gonna feed everyday and probably twice a day in flower.

Going to do six plants on the first go around. CKS purple kush and crown royal, West coast og, Russian doll, white widow, and jack herrer. Going for a mixed bag to see how they all grow. I'm interested in learning as I go. That being said I haven't germed any seeds yet so if anyone has any suggestions I am open to all knowledge.

I have currently been running my tent for 5 days tuning it in a failing things up just right. Have the temp between 82f and 70f. RH is around 55% and have a good watering and timing for my plants. I had some seeds that I got like three years ago from overgrow Canada so I used them as practice for germination and seedlings but now they all sprinted and are looking great so I can't bring myself to get rid of them. I'm sure they will be weak genetics but I can practice topping them before my expensive plants. I want to try topping, mirotopping and manifolding along with LST along the way.

Dabby Duck

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New growth is looking good but did burn those first set of leaves a bit when I forgot to move up the light after repotting. On to the forth set of serrated leaves though so growth is going strong. Have to feed tonight after lights on. Will post some picks.

Also I am germinating four new seeds. Good genetics this time in coco. CKS purple kush and crown royal.
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