1st Grow, Bagseed, CFL's..

And as promised, here is a picture update. I didn't get to tie them down last night as I got lazy, but as of now I'm out of bud, so i will need to find other ways to occupy my evenings haha.

Not too much to say about them.. The two smaller runts are responding very well to their new homes. If you notice the one is kind of yellowing, that was happening when it was in the cup. Since its been in the bucket, it seems to be getting its green back.

Here are the pics. 26 days since they broke soil. What are your opinions on their growth as far as how big they are for the time they have been growing?







that soil you're using really needs perlite bad! mix 15--20% perlite with your soil always. provides much needed air to your roots and helps drainage a ton :) ...............GROW ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that soil you're using really needs perlite bad! mix 15--20% perlite with your soil always. provides much needed air to your roots and helps drainage a ton :) ...............GROW ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats just the top layer, I mixed sand and river pebbles with the mixture to ensure proper drainage.. Never had a problem with drainage. I would water them lightly and the water would always drain out the bottom within a few seconds, and they would dry out fairly quickly too..

I do want to go with perlite for the next go around though. A better medium will always yield better grow
Congrat's on the grow! Your certainly not the first grower to dip into the bud yummies before harvest time:cheesygrinsmiley: Glad you finally received that scope...Hong Kong Air using carrier pigeons now?

Looking forward to seeing the photo's of those hanging branches, and the sweet nugs curing for your enjoyment......love to share mine with you as well.
Well last night I decided the buds were dry enough to throw into jars so i trimmed them all up and weighed each plant out.. The pink one had 8g left and the other plant had 9g.. Although these final numbers only come out to a bit over half an ounce, keep in mind I smoked quite a bit of it before this point, so its safe to wsay I got aroung 1-1.5oz from them total. The plants were only around 12" tall, so overall I'm happy with the results.

Last night would be the official smoke report as it was dried properly, and all I can say is wow! 3 of us smoked a bong of it and I was completely wrecked. I even had a hard time getting moving this morning. If you think back to when you first start smoking and you get super super high to where everything appears to be in slow motion and if you sit and stare for long enough you forget you even exist.. It's like that. The Indica traits are very strong, with enough sativa to give a well balanced high.

The bag appeal isn't the greatest as the buds are pretty fluffy, but I'm not concerned about that. I'm interested to see how it tastes once its cured. The taste of these buds are much better than I was expecting from bagseed.

I need to take some pics of the final product, and then put a close to this journal.

I would like to thank everyone who was on board for the ride, and to all of those who gave me advice and direction in order to get where I am today, smoking my own grown bud. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

Stay tuned for the next journal, I plan on at least twice the harvest as this time.

Sounds like the quality, and potency beat expectations. Not surprised at all, even though bad seed get's treated a bit like a red headed step child, properly nurtured bag seed grows can blow your socks off with the best of 'em.

Best of Luck with the next grow!
Congrats on the harvest man. :surf:
Watch out 420, TheCriMsonK20 got 18 seeds and a HPS! Stand Back! Sounds like a Great Harvest! Looking forward to more of your work. IMPRESSIVE Buddy! :thanks: :peace:
Well, I have to report that the batch of seedlings I had going didn't make it.. I think it's because the temps were getting kind of low. They were growing for 2 weeks and hadn't gotten past the first set of leaves. I think my soil may have been packed too tight also..

I moved to grow box into a warmer area and started germing another handful of seeds. One cracked yesterday and will be planted when I get home from work. I'm hoping this set will grow a bit better.

As far as the harvest goes, I smoked the last of it yesterday. I ended up sharing it with a friend, so it went kind of fast, but even after a couple of weeks of curing, they smelled and tasted just as well as they smoked.

Thanks again to all of you who supported my grow. I look forward to sharing the next one with everyone when it gets worth watching!

Mods, can you move this over to completed journals? Thanks.
thanks bro! It's good to have you on board..

My apologies for no pics still on the new journal.. I've been lazy and my camera needs batteries.

Good news is, I fixed my pH issue and the seedlings have recovered and are pulling through strong, so it's just a waiting game now.
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