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1st Grow Bagseed with MG LED and CFL - Any Advice is Help!


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Hello to all my viewers,

This is my first grow and i started with miracle grow and its been 4 days so far with an led bulb that uses 3.5 watts and i also have a 42 watt cfl on 2 bag seeds. Like i said this is my first grow so im starting with bagseed and miracle grow. i am going to get some fox farm pretty soon or if anyone has other suggestions for the soil i should get before my 1st transplant that would be great. i do plan on getting pearlite and need to get nutes and more lights what ever to get the highest yeild and potentcy obviously would amazing information for me! im not expecting the best out of my first grow but i am on the learning curve

Any help with what i should do from here on out would be great! Thanks viewers and happy smokes! ;)


led bulb 3.5 watts usage (this has been on guy 1 all day every day for the last 4 days and guy 1 is standing tall)

guy 1 day 4 standing tall

guy 2 day 4

guy 1 up close day 4


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Best advice, If you know what bagseed it is, and its good then great,but buying a good seed is really benificial. Unless your broke and cannot get seeds where you are,buy some seeds :)

Also try starting in a medium sized pot next time, your seedlings look good but will outgrow those pots in 2 weeks.

Beware of over watering, let soil get dry before next watering,Beware of over fertilizing and burning plants,
and getting to close to the lamp,
Although LED's and CFL's are more forgiving.

Have fun.


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Thanks, i plan on transferring to medium size pots in another week or so. i also plan on getting more lights just not sure what i should get. i am on budget thats why i like leds. i also am going to get a more premium soil like fox farm and also needs some nutrients any suggestions or helpful!


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I'm no pro,lol. I'm trying pearlite mix in my potting soil for the firtst time.
I use miracle grow for veg and tomato feed for flowering.
So far it's worked for me :)

For a small closet grow, a 120 watt LED panel and 2 plants will be good,but theyre expensive.
Try get 660nm red leds,with some blue in the mix.
Those CFL's are cheaper and work ok. maybe when they start flowering, you can get a few hours of direct sunlight on the windowsill or something?

I used 70 watt metal halides in the closet before, they get warm but I think you'll get away with running 1 70 watt without needing cooling fans,speaking of which a small desk fan blowing on the plants is said to help build stronger stems,so they don't topple when buds form.

If they start growing long and thin, you don't have enough light.

If you have more seeds,perhaps start another 2 , as you got 50/50 chance of getting male plants.

Remeber when they start budding theyre going to have a strong odor :)



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Tonight i am starting a standard room fan on low blowing on these guys. Im pretty sure i need some more light if there are any suggestions on some leds at a reasonable price i would like to get something soon. and as far as soil i do plan on getting soil pretty soon not sure if i should keep going with miracle grow with pearlite and worm castings. fox farm and tomato soil are other options. Nutes i also need to get. if you guys could help me make a decision on soil and nutes that would be helpful.

As far as odor when it develops i think that should be well taken care of. i have a really nice set up in a guest bath and has a high velocity suction fan going straight to the roof. i have a 2 story house so the odor will be high in the air! also i found that incense help alot you could find 10 good incense for a $1..not to bad in my opinion.


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hello my friend,
your plants are looking fine, except for one:

the soil is too wet. the weed likes a wet and dry cycle.

wait until the surface and about half an inch down is dry before u water again.

the roots need oxygen to absorb nutrients, if the plants are continually watered, what happens is that the water displaces all the air, and the roots cannot stay healthy;

this leaves them vulnerable to some very nasty fungus.

you are doing well, but just watch the water, my friend, and one other thing, keep the light as close as possible to them, without burning them, so they do not streach on you as they look for more light.
miracle grow does not have any magnesium in it, so as soon as u can get yourself a nutrient that is complete.

only water at about 25% of the recommended dosage of miracle grow for now;
i could be wrong about Miracle grow not having any magnesium in it, as where I live it is not on the market that I know of. just check on the packet and see.

good luck my friend, you have started on a great adventure, that will bring you lots of joy, and so heartache too; but we are here to help and to try prevent that.

happy growing
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Hello all,

Sorry i haven't uploaded the pics. I have some pretty nice ones for you coming soon!

Theses guys which hopefully are females (ha ha don't know why i named them guy 1 and guy 2 ha ha) :tokin: . these guys are looking great in my eye. Guy 1 had a little fall yesterday. I gently packed the soil around the stem and piled soil about 1/4 inch up to temporarily support the stem. I also got pearlite yesterday as well.

I am getting 5 gal just home depot buckets to transplant into.

Questions I have for all of you:
Whats a good mixture I could use with miracle grow? I'll add whatever i need to add to make a good soil mixture and good for these plants. I understand that MG isn't all that great anyway. I'm just starting so i am building my gardening supply! :cheer: And on a budget :(

If i can not find a good mixture that i could use with mg i will just add some pearlite in the 5 gal bucket and see how that goes.

Do you guys think I should do bigger than a 5 gal bucket?

Coming soon:
more surge protectors
lights: Cfl? Fluorescent?
5 gal buckets
I'd like to get planter bags

Dream list:
led panel around 200 watts
materials to transfer into hydroponic


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Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

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