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1st Grow - Beginner - Need help diagnosing problem


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This is my first grow. I need your help to diagnose a problem. My plant is healthy as you guys can see. Its not wilting and its a nice green color. Its 13 days old and it has grown in 3 days, going on 4. Im especially worried because i grew a plant before this and it did the exact same thing at the exact same age and never grew out of it. Its 30 days old now and is still the size of the plant you see in the photos. Im using a MarsHydro 300w LED, growing in a coco based potting mix. Watered with RO water since germination and I've never fed. Temps in my tent get a bit high, 90-95 degrees, but i have an inline fan venting out heat and 2 fans inside for good airflow. Humidity is 30-40%. The summer here gets very hot. I have flora trio nutrients on standby. Can anyone please help me find out why they always stop growing at the same time? How can i get her growing again?



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I am no professional mate, but i'd be using a watered down version of the nute mix in my plants from the get go, and they never stop growing. Typical example is: normal mix of nutes 20 ml per 10 lt of water ph 5.8 - 6.8. When i am watering either seedlings or clones then i am using 1 ml of nutes to 10 lt of water. This mix guarantees healthy feeding all the way thru the grow. all ways check manufactures website for detailed instructions for your girls. If the supplier can not give you something like this, then look for a different nute.

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