1st Grow, Clone SCROG Organic Soil

ScrOG looks super fine... everything is fattening up so fast... im anxious for you to harvest it just to see what you'll haul in

You are? Man I am! LOL I keep eyeballing it & making bets w/myself trying to guestimate how much we'll get per strain lol
What did the total end up being?

We haven't weighed everything out yet. It's all in a closet drying still. We went back and forth about whether to trim wet or dry and then finally just ended up having the decision made for us b/c everything ended up being ready to harvest at the same time. We thought that it would be done in cycles.

Long story short, it all got chopped down together, hung up to dry & it's still in the closet. It ended up working out really great b/c the screen got flipped upside down & it got used to hang everything from. Some of it dried enough and started to get trimmed.

AND YOU KNOW... I mean you just know that I am way too impatient to have let everything be 100% ready before I tried it so... yes, I have tried it all already :) I'll try it all again when it's officially ready & cured too... and again & again & again hehe... but... I'll GLADLY tell you how it is so far... if you like. It'd be like a "preview" of how it's gonna be.
And the hubby has been a lot busier than me, so this journal hasn't been forgotten about. We are trimming (and by me, I mean he is. I'm actually smoking lol). I'm totally spoiled, but at least I can admit it, right? As if smoking all weekend at the convention in San Fran wasn't enough, I came home to an explosion of scissor hash & a dozen jars full of buds (and still tons left to be trimmed).

Wanna guess how much we got?
OK so... I have a few minutes, so I'm gonna tell you a little bit about the Recon. And man... it's amazing.

It is sticky... And the buds are gorgeous. I'll have to get the camera out and take some pictures now that the hubby has spoiled me to death and been trimming away. We (and by we, I mean he, is almost done trimming). I have been in heaven with scissor hash up the yin-yang!! So many full jars.

This has to be some of the best pain relieving stuff I have ever smoked. And I'm not saying that just b/c it's our grow. I'm being totally honest. I started smoking it b/c I was sooooo impatient & it was amazing before it was cured. Now that it's been curing, it just gets better and better. It's not a creeper. It hits you right away. I've smoked out of a bong, pipe, rolled a joint & this past weekend, tossed it into a vape. It was amazing in all forms.

The smell is... perfect. It's a slightly stinky smell. Very unique. I love it. It's getting better and better every day. It's like nothing else I have smelled. I'm a huge fan of those awful, dark, horrible smells. The worse, the better I say. I hope it gets stinkier.

The taste is mild... It's hard to describe. I would say it's woodsy.... green. Kind of like what I'd expect pot to taste like. Close to nature if that makes sense. But it's barely there. I'm not big on tastes, so I don't really care. I'm all about effect - working for what I need it to work for.

It's so smooth. I actually had to look into the bong to make sure I was smoking it. My lungs are wickedly sensitive too, so you can imagine how happy I am! One hit, and I start to feel pain relief. Amazing. Some of the worst pain that I have is in my legs. NOTHING I mean NOTHING works for it, and this is starting to fix it already? Wow. It helps with my nausea too (something that isn't common for an indica for me - usually I gotta mix my indicas and sativas for that). I usually have to smoke a really big bowl, but with the recon, I smoke about half as much as normal, and I'm pain free. I'm able to go to sleep and I get a full night sleep and don't wake up all night. A normal night, I wake between 2-3 to smoke b/c I wake in pain. I thought it was a fluke... next day, I sleep straight through again. Day three... again... and so on. Apparently, no fluke!! I'm super excited!!!

I've also found that mixing some of the Recon with a good sativa during the day works GREAT for pain relief too. I'm seriously loving it. I hope that gives you all an idea of what it's like. If you have questions, ask away. I'll do my best. I think this is my first smoke report so... I tried! :grinjoint:
Its always nice to come home to a house full of buds isnt it.

I'm gonna throw out my uneducated guess and say 25 ounces. I think that may be a conservative figure.

It is great!! I'll agree.

Well, we have to weigh the other two strains, but so far, we have half a pound of the Recon, minus what I smoked already while being impatient & some I took to San Fran w/me.
OK, sorry to have left everyone hanging FOREVER. So much going on. It's been a while, & I'm going off of my best memory because at this point, a lot was donated, we are getting ready for our next grow & I kept what I needed to hold me over until then.

Overall (approximate) totals were:

White Russian: Unfortunately, the worst one of the three strains for us. We got about 4-5 oz total

Recon: This was my personal favorite & our best overall as far as output. We got approx 8 oz

Green C: My other half would say this was our best by looks & the place we donated to would agree b/c they have been begging for more & sold out almost immediately. We got approx 6 oz.

Everything I donated sold out in days. It really made me feel good to hear that and hear good things about it from members of the coop and to get the calls asking for more. Unfortunately all I can say is sorry. But real life feedback is different than looking at pictures and hearing things, so I feel like we did good for a first grow. I donated a qp of each strain to a local coop & kept what I felt I needed for myself, keeping in mind we had plans for concentrate too. We are making concentrate today!!!!!!!! :) Yippie skippy! We are getting a TON more than I expected too. I'll be sure to update with a total on what we get when we're done with that too.

I can't wait to start grow #2 now!!

ETA: I'm a bad girl too. I also picked at and smoked things along the way to see if it was ready, and smoked a bit before weighing, before trimming, etc. Uber impatient. lol
Big Congratulations! Smoke for yourselves would be considered a win. To have enough to give a QP of each strain AND make concentrates - hell you're a pro!

+Reps for contributing so gloriously!

Thanks for sharing your grow with us!

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