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1st Grow +DIY tent


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Hi everyone, I'm new to 420 and growing. Ive wanted to grow for a fees years now but never really had the time or space, but now with more of the before mentioned I'm about to start.
The reason for the new post is to ask advice on lighting and air ventilation/ circulation. (i hope this is the correct place for this thread).
I've spent the last 2 weeks reading and learning everything i can from this forum and others to try and educate myself adequately before starting. (noticing in this time that everybody seems to have a slightly different view/ideas on most topics. which i suppose is a good thing).
anyway the question I'm still struggling with is what lighting (type of bulb/wattage/number of lights) to use, and what would constitute adequate ventilation and air exchange.
I have not yet started to build as I'm still changing my mind on what will be best to use. As i realise that most of the time the needs of the room will differ depending on what environment (room/tent) the plants will be in. Here is the size of the tent and other information that i can give at this point;
.DIY tent 1.2m wide x 0.8m deep x 1.8m high
. The tent will be in a basement obviously with no windows
. i will be using soil as a medium
.ive planned to use an extractor fan up high and leave opening lower on the opposite side for active ventilation
. as its my 1st grow I've decided to use baggie seeds incase of mistakes (inevitable)
I can't think that I've missed much but probably have.
I think it may also be useful to note that currently i am thinking of using a 600w mh for veg and 600w hps for flowering. Both bulbs just set up in a generic shade and ballast.
Any help would be greatly appreciated although i realise that it may be hard due to the limit to the info i can provide at this point.
Thanks in advance


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This post will give you a strong start in successfully growing. It covers everything from topics for beginners, to advanced propagation techniques, as well as a lot of information on advanced growing techniques as well.

Everything you need to know!

Going through that thread on the topics you're interested in, like which lights to use, will give you a good idea on how much light you'll need, and which light will be best for your specific growing environment.
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