1st Grow Ever - Outdoor MSNL Auto Fem Mix

just a update on the girls
gdp on day 12
oldest girl on day 22 she has these orange squigly line marks at the end of 2 of her leaves no idea what thats about
day 16 this ones leaves are different then all the others i wonder if its just a different strain
day 15
day 14 these last 2-3 plants had stunted growth so set them back a week =/
Yeah out side gro thats wat u have to fight the most is bugs lol but that life but ur plants are goin to b nice bein out side nothing beats the sun as light source hahah but ive grown a few straines from msnl ur thread cought my eye lol
Hey guys these are 2 of the gdps left,took the other to and planted in the forest (they started stinking up the place even at day 18) got some questions 1:was wondering what would happend if i kept one of my gdps in a 3-5 gallon pot (i know thats very little for a photo) would the plant just be small and give less harvest like an auto?? or would the plant die question 2: Should i top these 2 gdps??
One of the gdps that i planted in the wild =) its on the right side of the brown leaves
question 3:eek:ne of my autos at day 28 or so white hairs coming out is this plant flowering??
question 4:i cant find any blackstrap mollases around here but theres alot of other types of organic mollases like grape,carob,mulberry,sugar beet would any of these work??
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