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1st Grow Ever - Scrog - 1000W - Promix - Adv Nutes - Hand Water - Synex Clones


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hi all,

my first grow ever, always wanted too, now i can!!! been studying up on the net and maybe my trials and errors can help others as i get help from you guys also.

started off with a basement room 7x11. made a 4x9 table planning on 2 1000w overhead reflectors. bought cheapest hood, dig ballast. bulb, hanger, timer kit off ebay to start off with, pretty happy with it for the cost. got a 8" exhaust fan and filter. and some clones from a buddy. also basic nutes from advanced off the net for pretty cheap i felt.

i just surfed around and bought the cheapest stuff i could just to get started. i researching the brands i found before clicking buy it now.

What strain is it? SYNEX
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? HYBRID
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? BOTH
If in Veg... For how long? XPERIMENTING
If in Flower stage... For how long? TBD
Indoor or outdoor? INDOOR
Soil or Hydro? PRO MIX
If soil... what is in your mix?
If soil... What size pot? 3 GAL pots, and 2x3 raised bed
Size of light? 1000 W
Is it aircooled? YES
Temp of Room/cab? 88
RH of Room/cab? 60
PH of media or res? 6.2
Any Pests ? YES
How often are you watering? 3-4 DAYS
Type and strength of ferts used? ADVD NUTES MICRO GROW BLOOM


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Re: LEARNING---1st grow ever, scrog, 1000w, promix, adv. nutes, hand water, SYNEX clo

waited and waited for supersoil from tga, ended up with promix, we'll see how it goes.
after seeing the test results i found on the net for bulbs and reflectors, i decided on
maxilume 1000w hps an mh bulbs. they were under 35 bucks and said to be great for the price.
i got an ipower bulb in the ebay kit but havent used it yet.

the hood i got is generic cool tube 6" ,not a metal housing but just reflector material, does the job so far

decided go big with 1000w hoods, digi ballasts, air cooled cause i am worried about temps. i'll always second guess 600w lights for energy savings but i heard not many true 600mh bulbs available.

i looked around for used supersun 2 hoods as i read they are great and bought 2 locally.

i bought a used ebay quantum 1000w digi ballast and it didnt work.

ended up going to grow store and buying the efusion ballast.

also scored 2 48" para reflectors with galaxy ballasts super cheap guy was going LED

lots of equipment now, time to put it to good use!!!


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Re: LEARNING---1st grow ever, scrog, 1000w, promix, adv. nutes, hand water, SYNEX clo

started off with 15 clones about 8-12" under the cheap hood and 1000w maxlume m/h bulb.
put 6 clones in a 2x3 raised bed (experiment) and 2 clones in 3gal pots, had minimal roots so i left rest in their solo cups.
after 2 weeks veg the bed was ready to attach scrog screen and start bending branches. also got the others
out of the solo cups at this time.

1st problem was not flushing the promix before transplant. i think it was unstable and messed with ph.
2nd problem was no ph pen to test tap water and runoff. i have my second hanna red pen now,
first one stopped working after 3 weeks.
my tap water i let sit out 24 hours and its around 7.75 ph.
3rd problem i mixed nutes full strength together before adding to tap water and maybe locked em up.
so now i mix micro first in a 1/2 gal then add to 5 gal bucket, then grow in a 1/2 gal to 5 gal, ect
4th problem didnt know my runoff water was about 4ph till i started checking.
so after all that the girls in the bed are doing good but the others were yellowing quickly.
i got the ph fixed, pulled all the yellow leaves and some girls have recovered great.
a few are very stunted and do not grow large leaves at all. ill do what i can just to see what happens.
i'll get some pics going asap.


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Re: LEARNING---1st grow ever, scrog, 1000w, promix, adv. nutes, hand water, SYNEX clo



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Re: LEARNING---1st grow ever, scrog, 1000w, promix, adv. nutes, hand water, SYNEX clo

im going to veg these for 4 wks and flower the biggest girls and build a 3x3 closet to continue
vegging the others. and add another hood to flower room to cover the other half my table.

next problem, 24 h veg light, went good couple weeks then they were always droopy and not looking happy.
green just not happy. so i went to 18/6 and they perked up.

i over watered

next problem, purple, purple stems, underside of leaves purple, looks cool but figured out i wasnt feeding enough.
most have turned green now from more food. ill put in my schedule i used soon,
i think it may have been to low but they are growing good, next grow i will increase food and
also i got some tiger bloom and big bloom i will test out.

one girl i will heavily defoil and another not to test out.

i tie the branches down with some speaker wire to a bungee around the pot. learned to let them
get taller and not tie them down right above the pot lip. it was hard to get my hand in there
and didnt want to lollipop, seems to get enough air moving around. i now have 2 oscillating fans,
2 6" intakes one with fan, 8" exhaust working both hood cooling and air exchange.
would like to separate exhaust in future.

did 18/6 for a while then tried the 12/5.5/1/5.5, i like it, seems better to me for a lot of reasons.
i do 13/5/1/5 now cause they seemed to be to close to flowering, super tight node spacing,
going to grow together for bigger buds than my first 6. didnt really realize how buds formed together
to make 1 huge cola.

thru out all my lighting changes hope it doesnt cause any herms

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