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1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese - 2017


What strain is it?
3 x Dinafem Bubba Kush and 1 x Confidential Cheese

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
Bubba Kush (10% Sativa and 90% Indica)
Confidential Cheese (30% Sativa and 70% Indica)

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
Germination stage

Indoor or outdoor?

Soil or Hydro?
Hydro Bubbleponics (2x 45L Reservoirs, with 4x netpots, each only filled to 30L)

Size of light?
2 x Mars Hydro II 400w

Size Of Tent?
Mars Hydro 1mx1mx1,8m

Temp of Tent?
23 C with no outlet fan and lights switched on

RH Tent?
50% with no outlet fan and lights switched on

PH of res?

Any Pests ?

Type and strength of ferts used?
I am going to use Easy Hydro Grow products (Grow Micro Bloom)

A picture of my tent with sizes, I am a bit worried about height space, I could remove the plastic reservoir raisers and raise the light higher. Any advice would be appreciated here.

I am using a Hanna Hi98129 combination PH/EC/TDS Tester, Calibrated with buffer 7 and 4 solutions (I hope this is correct)
Combo pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester (Low Range) - HI98129 - Hanna Instruments

OK.....So.... Let's Start :)

I filled both my reservoirs with 30L tap water, my tap water pH is 9.6 I added pH down till it was 5.8 I left the covers off and ran the pipe diffuser's over night to get rid of chlorine.

  • Added Rockwool to pH 5.9 water and let them soak for about a 2-3 hours.
  • I removed them and whipped the excess water out and placed them in a tray.
  • Popped the seeds in the hole and brushed some rockwool over the hole to close it.
  • Misted the inside of the propagator dome (Propagator Heat Pad Off).
  • Closed tent with lights off and left the extraction fan on.

19:08 75% Humidity 28 C

08:09 87% Humidity 23 C
16:07 87% Humidity 27 C

I am still not sure how to feel if the rockwool has enough water in it


Re: 1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese -

Ok so I decided to germ some bagseed that I had as well using the paper towel saucer technique,
I had 2 seeds split and I planted them in 50% Coco 50% perlite.

One of them has broken the surface.

None of the others have broken the surface in the humidity dome as yet, except for the one seed that seems to have come out backward.

I also decided I wanted to do a 2 tent rotation (LOL will see how that goes) So I purchased a Mars Hydro 70x70x160 and purchased a A 600mm T5 light bank with 4x24w 6500k this will be the Veg tent.

I had filled 2x DWC 45L (Filled to 30L)(one for each tent) and left them running PH'd water to test Temperatures etc. I noticed however that there is some algae on the clear Air Pipe. Although I am happy that this happened before I planted in it I am not sure how this occurred as I left the Airstones running and left the lights of, my water temp is about 23-24C. Any assistance here would be appreciated


Re: 1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese -

Yesterday the second bag seed sprouted, they have a single T5 14w 6400k about 10cm away (Temp 22C, 77% humidity)

The one seedling that seemed inverted died and the others were removed from rockwool and added to paper towel method yesterday, none of them seemed as if they cracked at all.


Re: 1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese -


all 3 Bubba Kush seeds failed and we are left with 1 confidential seed and 2 x Bag seedlings, I have subsequently added another 2x Babba Kush seeds which have soaked for 24hrs and placed in a plate with moist paper towels, this morning I saw that the one seed had cracked and the root was protruding (WHOOP WHOOP!!!) another day and I am going to plant them in the rockwool.

I added another light to my veg tent T5 2" 4 bulb x 24W 6400K and have the bag seed seedlings about 2 inches away with only 2x globes on,

Current Temp in the Veg Tent is 23 C 61% humidity



Re: 1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese -


One Bubba Kush seed popped and I placed it in rockwool in the Veg tent :)

The Confidential seed sprouted (Whoop Whoop!!!)

Removed reservoirs from tents added 3ml 50% H202 per 5L with plain water and ran the system over night

Veg Tent - 25 C 61% Humidity
T5 48w 6400K
Checked on the bag seedlings and the sharp edges of the leaves seem to be turning up slightly


Re: 1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese -


  • Removed Bag Seedlings from the Veg tent to make room for the confidential seedling as the tap root popped out the bottom of the rockwool.
  • Rinsed Hydrotyon till water was pretty clear, prepped the DWC and transplanted the confidential seedling to the top fed DWC system.
  • Added 25L of store bought mineral water
  • placed the light(48W 6400K) a couple of inches away from the seedling
  • Switched the LED (Mars II 400w) on in the other tent and placed it 119cm away from the bag seedlings


I have noticed that the Bag seedlings are displaying slight blackish discoloration at the tips, I think this is nute burn (I have started feeding them less than 1/4 nutes). There is also a dark mark on one of the leaves.



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Re: 1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese -

I don't think your plants look bad!

Please don't keep them at that low PPM level for long. They don't have a lot more life left in their cotyledons.

Are you really giving them mineral water?! I hope it's not carbonated mineral water! What's the pH? What's the PPM of the mineral water without additions? (I think some mineral water can have a lot of sulfates, which may not be that good. Not sure about that though. Not sure at all.)

How wet is that rock wool? If it's soaking wet, it's drowning your plant by blocking oxygen from getting to the roots. You might want to pull the plant out of the hydroton, pull away the rock wool, and then replant.
(That said, it's not showing the classic signs of drowning: no growth and leaves misshapen (hooked and down-turned).

Drowning plant (mine!) in overwet rock wool


Re: 1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese -


Many thanks for taking the time to post.

Yea I used still mineral water that is pH'd, the ppm 77 is the base amount, I did not want to start nutes too early, I can start introducing 1/4 nutes to the reservoir.

The rockwool look similar to yours, so it does look wet and the plants growth seems to be stunted, this is one thing that I have been worried about, I planted in the hydroton as the tap root was popping out the bottom of the rockwool.

Are you saying that I should transplant in the hydroton? I am afraid that I will break the plant. I do notice that the leaves are pointing
down though, but not necessarily as a claw.

I took this pic remotely so the quality is not great, see how the one leaf is almost pointing directly to the floor

As for the one bag seedling that I flushed, she seems to be getting way worse, I will post pictures tonight when I get home (the dark patch grew and the leaves are turning yellow) :(


Re: 1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese -

Thanks man!, I went through all of your journal (Had a good laugh at all your DIY) :) GoodStuff!!! and how sneaky is that fireplace manoeuvre LOL.

So nervous to rip the rockwool off and try plant it directly in the hydroton, but I think I may have to as it does seem like the same is happening to me.

I retrieved this seed luckily from some confidential cheese that I buy, so I don't have any left and I really want this puppy to make it.

I will post some new images tonight with updates


Re: 1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese -


These pics shows the one leaf pointing down

So I removed the confidential seedling from the hydroton and noticed that it had some root growth which was getting about 4 cm away from the bottom. So I decided to take some hydroton away from the bottom and lower the drip ring to try and prevent the saturation of the rockwool cube as it was pretty wet.
I checked the reservoir and the pH was 6.2 I have not started adding nutes yet.

It looks like this after lowering the ring and placing hydroton over it

The space between the light and the plant (T5 6400k 48W)

Ok, now for the sickling (which has been flushed with pH'd water)

I have another exact same seedling that was getting the same strength nutes etc. currently on less than 1/4 strength nutes. There seems to be some darkening on the edges :(


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Re: 1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese -

Hi Fabzster -- I don't know what's going on with that plant with the leaf pointing down, but it does not look like mine when it was drowning in overwet rock wool. As you have seen in the photos, mine had these weird, hooked leaves and just generally looked unhealthy. Yours look OK. Plus you have a lot of roots outside of the rock wool now, so they are going to be getting enough O2. The only thing that I would be worried about with too wet rock wool now is stem rot, which I have seen happen to people online. But now that you have moved the water feed away from the rock wool, even that shouldn't be an issue.

As for light, it doesn't look too close. You can try the "back of the hand test" to see if there is too much warmth. My plant has CFLs almost touching the plants, and with good air circulation that hasn't been a problem. I doubt you could get a T5 close enough to have too much light, so do try to get it as close as you can. But I think you're OK for now.

As for nutes, I think your plants definitely are at the age where they should be getting quarter-strength nutes. The great thing about hydroponics is that you can adjust concentration and pH practically instantaneously, so just bring it up slowly. Just FYI, my nutrient concentrations have never been more than 1/2 those recommended by General Hydroponics. The one time I went up to about 60 or 70%, I got a little yellowing at the tips and dialed back immediately. (Then I went too far the other way--to about 25% or less--and I had a bad pH crash.) I have read that autos don't need as many nutes as "normal" plants, which I don't understand...

FWIW, I am now trying to keep my pH more in a range, from 5.5 to 6.5 than absolutely locked in at 5.8. pH management has been my biggest challenge, and I have done some damage by having it drop too low. In the past that wasn't a problem because I had such vigorous growth that I HAD to strip away excess leaves. Now that I am at the end of flowering, I am seeing no new leaves so I really need to pay attention to and take care of the leaves I have. I'm seriously considering Advanced Nutrients "pH Perfect" products for my next grow, since the people on the Hydroponics forum agree it really works to keep pH really stable.

I sure wish I understood pH dynamics better in hydroponics. I have read various explanations for variation, but I think it's complicated, and nothing I have read so far has led to the "Ah ha!" moment.

ANYWAY, I think your plants look like they have weathered the storm, and if you just give them some quarter-strength nutes, plenty of light and attention, and keep their pH in the sweet spot, you should be well on your way. Good luck, and please keep posting. :)
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