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First off thanks to everyone because I've learned and became familiarized with tons of stuff off of these grow room forums!!!

I've got a cheap experimental OP goin. My space is 2 ft. x 1 ft. 9 in. x 4 ft. The 4 ft. is actual usable height. The closet where I sectioned off already had a preexisting vent pipe of which I tapped into the side with a dryer vent hose and then attached the other end of the hose to the front of a high velocity mini-fan, to suck air out of course.

My lighting consists of a homemade reflector shield housing:
2x soft white 42 watt CFL's (2700 lumens each)
Attached to each wall is:
2x 27 watt CFL's (1300 lumens each)
1x 20 watt CFL (1200 lumens)

I have a 12 gallon trash can with a mix of of MG organic Soil (.10-.05-.10), perlite, and a little blood meal (12-0-0) in the mix. My seedlings are about a week from germ. I have put some stuff called Worm Poop (0.03-0.002-0.02)
on them a couple of times. I'll try to post pics tomorrow.

After reading for hours, I've decided to grow these "nomercy". Yesterday I switched the lights to a 12/12. When they get a little bigger I plan to use MG bloom booster (15-30-15). I know MG is not the best but it was easiest for me to get my hands on. Like I said I will try to get pics up tomorrow.

Any input would be very much appreciated! :peace:
Good luck with your grow Keith.






Plant 1 and 2 seem a bit lagged, thats why I haven't transplanted yet. Plant 2 is looking somewhat deformed, but thats just my opinion.

3 and 4 are doing good except I expected the second set of true leaves to be more developed, but maybe I'm am just anxious.

Comments greatly appreciated.
Seedlings doing good. I can definitely see the second set of true leaves on #3 and #4 have grown just since last night.

I went ahead and put #1 and #2 in the dirt with the other ones. I need an opinion on that...I know it would be better to have separate containers but will that 12 gallon bucket be okay for two healthy plants? I figure when they show their sex, if im lucky, Ill have at the most 2 females. Hopefully the two healthiest!

When should I start using the ferts? and how often?
You ain't got a worry about ferts for a 2-3 weeks to month.
Sounds like you already doctored the dirt.

I start 10-30 seeds in a 4 inch pot
and cull after the first to third set of RealLeafs.
But when I cull,
I limit one per pot/container.
Norml-ly a 1gal or better.
Okay, much appreciated Damago.

I just took a peek in and could see the treble leafs comin on 3 and 4. As far as the fan goes...I have a little fan on the babies and the exhaust fan both comin on when my lights do.
Should one of the fans be on 24/7?
Seedlings looking good today except number 2, no signs of dying just no growth.

Two days ago the soil was dry enough to water. I decided to hit number 3 and 4 with a very diluted mixture of the 15-30-15 fert. Reason was because the new set of leaves coming up on number 4 looked a little yellow. That may be normal I dont know, im still a noob.

I've also lowered the two biggest CFL's that are hanging. They are about 3 to 4 inches off the plants now. I think it has made a difference but hard to tell in just 2 days.

Here is seedling 3


Here is seedling 4

The two bigger seedlings have been popped up for about....maybe a few days shy of 2 weeks.
Should they be bigger?
Thanks for the tips!:Rasta:

I actually lowered the hanging lights about 3 or 4 days ago. Now I know they weren't near close enough to begin with. Thats probably why growth was slowed the first week.

Today I can definitely see a growth spert:cheesygrinsmiley: On the wet/dry watering cycle, how dry before I should water? I poked my finger down in the soil and about 3/4 to an inch down there's still moisture.

Thanks to all for the help! :adore:
Okay awesome, I guess they babies wont get water for a few more days.
I think I read that a couple of times here and there but glad to hear someone clarify, Thanks Damago :grinjoint:

BTW the babies look great today. It's getting exciting seeing noticable growth each day. I'll get some pics up once they've made a bigger stretch in progress from last shots.:smokin:
I had some extra time so I decided to update on the pics. They really made progress in a matter of just a few days...but then again this plant grows vigorously in the right conditions. I guess I just had to make the minor changes to make the major difference. :grinjoint:

Plant 1 looks to be developing okay just lacking in size, if that makes any sense.:loopy:

Plant 2 (no photo) is the exact same size. I dont know if it is gonna make it. It looks healthy and green its just not growing. I'm gonna leave it until it dies or grows. Who knows maybe it will make a killer comeback....:partyboy:

Plant 3 in my opinion looks fantastic compared to the last photos. It's leaves are a very deep healthy looking green and seem to be a bit broader than its hopefully sisters. The deep green is sign of sufficient N, right?

Plant 4 looks great too, to me. Just like plant 3, has made a good strut in just a few days. :cheesygrinsmiley:

Once again thanks to all 420mag :adore:

Comments much appreciated.:smokin:
Those are looking really nice...a good way to gauge if they need water is to wait till they leaves droop, then see how the medium feels. Normally, the medium can dry out alot before that happens. Then you can get a good feel for how to water. I usually cant feel moisture in the soil at all when I water, at least 1 1/2 inches down. Also, if you can feel through the bottom holes for moisture, that helps alot too.
It will still be a few more days before I water the hopefully ladies then. Thanks Bdizzle for extending my knowledge in the waterization procedure:bong:
Question. This morning I checked the children and beauty number 4's first set of true leaves were down pointing to the soil. They weren't shriveled, they still felt rigid but just completely vertically downward.

I doubt it was in need of water but it was getting close so I went again and let all of them drink just in case.

Anyone know what may be the issue here?

Any help would be great.:grinjoint:

Thanks 420mag!
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