1st Grow from schwag bagseed

Thanks Boss. When I was trying to address this issue today I came across a potential problem in the future.

My holes in the bottom of the bucket were no where close to big enough and not enough of them. Virtually no water was getting out. I guess I have kinda ignored that this whole time. Even though the top soil was getting dry appearing to need water...The bottom was saturated. When I drilled some 5/8ths wholes in the bottom...Out came the most disgusting, putrid, god-awful smell I have ever endured!!!:thedoubletake: I'm thinkin it was the blood meal fermenting..?..?

Needless to say I've got the drainage problem solved. Only there is a hint of rotting carcass in my closet that is slowly fading away:clap:

Could the shitfuck smell or saturation have been making my baby turn up (hopefully her) nose? :peace:
The roots on those are still not real deep yet, should be ok. I know this sounds bad, but I would flush it with distilled water and 1/4 str nutes if not repot them, just in case you started some rot. The drooping was probably from being in so much water, and if you flush it will get worse for a bit. You will know what to do, you saw and smelled what was in there, so just make a judgment call ;-)
Thanks for the info Boss.

Before I read your reply I had already done this:

Let it drain off of course, and waterd with the diluted ferts I mixed up earlier on until it seeped out roughly a tray full of water. By the end of the day the leaves were perked back up...I guess that did the trick.


R.I.P. seedling number 2.
Thanks for the input BerryD. Number 2, as you seen in the pics was staying alive but just not growing. It had the start of the first true leaves but they stayed the same size. Then one day it was just dead...? May have dried out I really dont know.

I dont know if the roots were deep enough to be affected by the "fuckshit stinch", They seem to be doing good so I doubt it hurt them.
I did decide that my plants were not growing as much as they should so I did a revamp on my lights a little:

Now I have two big soft whites and two medium daylights as a chandaleer directly above and two soft whites on either side. I hope this adjustment improves my growth.:cheesygrinsmiley:

Here is plant 1. It is small but appears to be healthy...:smokin:

Plant 3...in my opinion looking swell.:grinjoint:

Plant 4...looking good. Growing different than 3.

Notice the 7 leaf pattern its already starting:partyboy:

Okay Opinions needed!
It is probably too early and I may just be excited but could this be possible sex signs?

I know there are the little "flaps" there but if you look close it appears there is a white colored, slightly curled....thing. Maybe its the pouch growing strange, I dont know. Let me know what yall think.

Thanks, 420 rocks!:bong:

Thanks for the input guys.

We will just hafta wait and see I guess.

Is my growth rate close to normal with CFLs or should they be bigger at...gettin close to 3 weeks old?

Sunday will be 2 weeks they've been on 12/12
Alright thanks Boss. That makes me feel better :smokin:

I will hafta take a look at them photos
:thedoubletake:I was thinkin and am now in a debate/dilemma...I would like some second, third, fuck, maybe even fourth opinions.:thedoubletake:

I kinda want to do a little LST to get these spread out more because i dont have a high powered light source.

On the flip side I may get better results by "lollypopping" and concentrating on one main cola.

This is more likely a sativa strain being as it probably came from mexico. I dont know what would be best in my case.I have the height to work with but I'm using CFLs that wont penetrate very far.

Help appreciated!:ganjamon:

I had to abort the op. My security was diminishing and I had to go with my gut and my gut said to abort.

I doubt they have a chance, but I took them out to a piece of land my friend owns. I put them in what seemed to be good soil but the elements can be brutal.

This sucks but getting busted would be worse.

It's really a shame that this culture is so demonized. It is hard for me to understand how someone can tell another person that you CANNOT grow this plant. I've done my share of research on many if not all the topics of pot and I've found the US government has no basis for where they stand on pot.
I hope they do!!!:grinjoint:

I may be being a little too safe...But time will fix this security problem and then I'll get to have kids again.:cheesygrinsmiley:

:thedoubletake:This should be a good patience learner for me...lol
Yeapper :cheesygrinsmiley:

They may surprize ya'.

Now fix the problem and on to the next :cheesygrinsmiley:
Stay Safe Buba!!

AND THAT THEY DID!!!:cheesygrinsmiley:

Given my circumstances and the situation the babies had to go through,....

I call this my OUTDOOR SURPRISE.:partyboy:

Its been a week and a day since I had to take the babies outdoors in the woods. The ground was moist when I put them in the ground so I didnt water. Today I had a chance to go fishing and check on them. Take note I just put them in the ground...and thats it!:ganjamon:

The pics were taken from a camera phone so they are of poor quality...sorry:cheesygrinsmiley:

Baby number 3


Baby number 4


Leafs getting nice and full


This was taken to try to gauge the height...I estimated about 10-11 inches...


Plant number one I didnt get a photo of...it was still smaller than the others like it has been through out the journal, But still getting bigger.

I think this is a great outcome from what happened.:clap: Maybe I'll get a female out of these three and get a bud or two come this fall!:rollit:
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