1st Grow from schwag bagseed

:peace:A little update...:peace:

Because I was introduced to this pleasant surprise it has has given me incentive to make the 15 minute drive to these babies more frequently.:yummy:

I made a trip today and gave the earth around the babies a nice feeding...(about a gallon mixed a little less than full strength of MG bloom boost and Green light superbloom) I also sprinkled blood meal around that whole area the 3 babies are in.

I know these babes are in veg but thats the only nutes I had. And they are both high in N.:smokin:

After I fed I sprayed the area down with a tomato safe insect killer...I noticed the lower leaves were being eaten on and we dont want that!:thedoubletake:
Just a little Update::rollit:

They are definitely making progress without halt. Rain here has been damn near perfect and I havent had to tote water at all. Last pic update I estimated the general height of these children to be 10-11 inches tall. Now I would say the biggest is pushing two feet (but leaning over).:yummy:

Leaf of number 4


Plant No. 4 (something has caused it to lean and it is growing almost along side the ground which is fine with me!)


Sorry about any pics that are a little blurry. I used my phone. :thedoubletake:

These all seem to be doing good with as little upkeep I have done. Comments are very appreciated good or bad. Let me know some other opinions on how this is going thanks guys:peace:
Plant No. 3...looking good and doing alot of filling out. There is unmistakable white hairs on the top 2 inches of the growing tip. Preflower I presume?


This is littleguy number 1. still a bit smaller than the others, still growing though.


Here is a shot of stem thickness on number 4

Very healthy! Well done mate!

Thanks Moose! I am pleased to hear that coming from you.

Damago...sucks about the rain. Rain here has been on a nice schedule of lettin the ground soak it up and then it comes again.

Good for the children:ganjamon:
I had to rep ya - those are looking great and inspire vague but comfortable memories of plants I've loved in the past.
Im back! its been a while but just thought I would let you all know that I have 3 out of 3 females!:clap:

Surprising yes I know...Keep in mind I've had to basically abandoned these babies because of personal reasons so I only get to check on them about 1 every month.

All three are showing good signs of budding and are all stinkin. It's pretty cool growing schwag because all three have grown different and smell different too. The little guy that stayed so small throughout my grow has minimal branching and is gonna make one main cola.

Lots of white hairs bursting everywhere. Sorry about the crappy pics. Was with my phone. Next time I go out there Ill take my good camera and hopefully get some good bud porn for everyone. :ganjamon:



Far out...I hope you get a good yield off of these sweet little ladies.
Okay brother, I fixed your pictures...;)

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Everything looks great!
I'm moving this to journals in progress...

Thanks for your contributions!...;)

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
I appreciate everyones comments.

I haven't been able to get out to check but I plan to tomorrow. Maybe Ill get another fantastic surprise!:rollit:
They havent made much progress since I last seen except for the smaller budsites have caught up with the others. They all seem a bit under developed, but then again they have been living wild so I have to appreciate anything I get.

Some of the hairs on some buds are already turning amber and I think I should have about a month left of budding. Correct me if I'm wrong...

Comments much appreciated. Lemme know what everybody thinks. Keep in mind these girls lived through the elements and basically no care....
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