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1st Grow Help, Green Crack Auto


Plant of the Month: Feb 2020 - Nug of the Month: Feb 2020
Hi guys, I hope everyone is hanging in there and healthy. Last night my husband said the plants smelled like coffee but o really didn’t pay attention to it. This morning I woke up and thought some one was making coffee but I was the only one here. Any idea why they would smell like that? :3:
The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup! :3:

Chris Scorpio

Member of the Month: July 2018
I cut the hole thing, but don't need weed either, I have lots....lol

If you need the harvest. Cut the tops, and u can run the lowers longer if u want
Cut it all and use those popcorn buds and leaves and make oils

Chris Scorpio

Member of the Month: July 2018
I printed this out and put in my binder of info you guys gave me. It’s so easy to second guess yourself when you don’t know what the hell your doing yet!

Don't worry

In 10 years you'll get the hang of it

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