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1st grow help needed - plants look like there dying!! Aerogarden grow


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Hi guys it's actually my second grow the first grow actually died after three weeks because of ph an other stuff so this time I'm more organized

Second grow

Seeds : auto flower female Northern lights
Ph level are at 6.1 using advanced nutrients kushie kush
Temps are 25-27c and humidity is 40-50%
And also have a air pump
And occasionally use a small fan to move the plants around to make stems stronger

Now the first two weeks they grew so strong an dark green an looked healthy then they started looking like nute burn so I flushed the system an kept the water cleaner then the last an pushed ph levels to 6.7-6.8

Now they are going bright yellow around the head an the new leaves are going yellow

Am I doing anything wrong

An the leaves are starting to sag and go down I'm confused an need help cause I'm sick of buying seeds an nutes an stuff an wasting my money

Thanks uploaded pics


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I think cause the nutrients I'm using is a 1-2-8 ratio I think I bought the wrong nutes I think the one im using now is for bloom not for vegetation is this correct ? Should I be using like a 3-0-0 for veg ?


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You want more nitrogen in veg and more pk in flower. Regardless of the mix of nutes, you need to keep on the pH. And me personally, I would have started with a simpler grow method like hempy buckets so you can get the hang of growing. I've never done aero, so I can't help much in that part.


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I would recommend reading a lot more before wasting money and time. Read a few journals using the same method you want to use. Subscribe to others journals in progress and start a journal of your own, invite others to follow along and add friends to your contacts. Cannabis is not a plant it and forget it experience, it requires a lot of knowledge, patients, time and energy. YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT.
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