1st Grow In Soil


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What strain is it? G13 Lab OG13 & HSO OG K
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? N/A atm
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? 6 days
If in Flower stage... For how long? N/A
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Organic soil.
If soil... what is in your mix? FFOF / 30% Perlite
If soil... What size pot? 2.7
Size of light? 2 60watt cfl ATM then when ready 600watt mh/hps
Is it aircooled? 6" duct with inline fan, 240cfm
Temp of Room/cab? 70-82F
RH of Room/cab? 40-56%
PH of media or res? N/A atm
Any Pests ? No signs yet, will be ordering eagle 20 and avid
How often are you watering? Every 2-3 days
Type and strength of ferts used? Blue Planet Nutrients Organic bundle

This is my first grow. Will add more info and pictures when I get home.
Sprouted up from soil. G13 Labs OG13

Group picture with HSO OG K

Pictures from Sunday as I transplanted them into the 2.7gal pots also fed them BPN nutrients about 1/4 of suggested feeding chart from BPN.



Pictures from yesterday as they recovered from transplant and grew bigger! Also fed each plant half a bottle water of aquafina. I will be feeding them water only for the next two to three weeks since FFOF tends to be hot.


Pictures from this morning before work. Ill take some more pictures tonight. I notice the stems are bending towards the lights. My plants are in a big cardboard box for the mean time until everything comes in. I have the lamps held up by the corner of the box. Cut a slit for the power cords to stay in place. Also made a computer fan for air circulations.



Just got home from work. I began germinating 1 seed that I ordered yesterday. I just checked on it and I see a little crack. Hopefully tomorrow morning it will pop a root out and into soil it goes. RP Sour Kush AKA Headband. If the OG strains does not go well. I have the Headband ready to go. Also plan on vegging the Headband for a longer period of time. I plan on doing LST on all plants to have a better yield and also bushier! I will take new pictures tonight of my current three. The reason why G13 Labs OG13 is bigger is due to the fact that I germinating them a day or two earlier. I tend to forget.
Well here are the pictures.

From left to right. HSO OG K #1, G13 Labs OG13, HSO OG K #2

Just got the light set up at the moment to 50%. It's about 375Watt right now until I clean everything up and get the tent and inline fan set up.

OG K#1

OG13, Already on her 2nd set of leaves. Surprised at how much they've stretched out. When I transplanted they were buried in deeper as they were getting stretchy.

OG K #2, notice the curly fan leaves.. anyone have an answer to why it's like that?
Todays update, ladies are growing bigger and healthy. Made an order of Cali Connections Tahoe OG. I am willing to take the risk despite the fact that Swerves seeds are prone to having hermie issues. I'm sure he will replace them if they do. I will not start these until january. Unless I get impatient as I will let them veg as long as I can. My buddies Asian Fantasy has shown preflower. It was a clone from his cut that he got. He wasn't sure what to do and I may get my hands on that. :Namaste:

The ladies are sleeping for a few more hours, then they will go back to the 600watt. I haven't been able to set up my tent yet, and they are in my closet when they are awake and back to the box for sleeping. Hopefully this shouldn't be stressing this out as this isn't really doing much but just moving them out of the box and into the closet. Anyhoo. I'll post up pictures later on this evening. Hopefully I will get my new Tahoe OG seeds with in 7-10 days. Also, will be making an order for the 818 Headband or 707 headband, RP Kosher Kush, and Skywalker OG. As you can tell I am a OG lover.
Jinx'd myself. I had a bad feeling about something. I checked on the plants and seen how humidity level went up to 70%. I took the ladies out and went back to my closet for lighting. The humidity and temperature is more controlled. Reason why I do not leave them in the closet is because one of the closet doors are broken and won't be able to give the ladies the 100% darkness they need. But I am going to be setting up the tent today as I don't want to stress the ladies out and move forward onto a better environment for them.
Plants were over watered. Kind of strange. Too part of the soil about 1.5 inches was quite dry. Fed it about half. Water bottle each and they seemed to be droopy. Did not know she would become droopy. Have her half a bottle of water plus BPN nutrients and she was happier than I've ever seen. Guess I will be feeding them 1/2 of recommended dosage from now on just for 1-2 more weeks than raise the dosage. Will be watering 1 bottle per pot. They're in 2.7 liter. Ppm of water is 100ppm. Ph, have not yet figured out what type of meter to purchase to test out the ph. Anyone have recommendations? I also purchased dyna gro neem oil to control pest when and if they occur.
THey look fine to me. new growers always make the mistake of over watering imho. I did way back in the day. Best to let them do their thing for a couple of weeks in soil feeding only a light nutrient dose every now and then and let the soil dry out but not desert dry so they wilt. They are just developing a strong root system right now and overwatering will impede root development. ONce the root system is strong and taking off, then start increasing the nutrient dosage and your plants will explode. Looking good so far. keep it up.
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