1st Grow In Soil

Ahhh gotcha. Explains why they were stressed. Hopefully they get a little stretched out. Was going to use cfl lights for them to stretch out a bit but we will see with the ladies on the ground now. I noticed one of the ladies stem has been damaged when I LST her. She looks fine now, just taking up the time to recover. Ill get better pictures with the cannon. Just watered headband and the biggest lady as the pots were extremely light. I will be doing the same method as you with the air stone and dunks now that I have the meters to test.

With the cold front and plants further away from the lighting. Temperatures been at 68F and 30-32% humidity.
I decided to put the ladies back into the box where they started so I can clean my entire room and re arrange everything. Got a dentist appointment today so I'll be doing it later on today. Here are a pictures of how they sat and how they're going to be sitting for the time being. The headband cup fell over and one of the leaves fell onto the fan and chop chop it went. =[ Should be getting another pot today to transplant her.

Notice the yellow paint on the wall? Been there since I was a little kid. LMAO. Just now seen it a few days ago when I moved the ladies onto the floor. It'll be gone today.


Here they are in a 24x24x24 box w/ aluminum foil taped to the walls and floor to reflect light all over. two mini fans, using 1 fan at the moment on low speed to circulate the co2. Watched the co2 bubbler for a few minutes. Its a constant bubble every 2-3 seconds. I have a computer fan where the mini fan is at to circulate fresh air into the box. Temperature remains at 79-82F and 42-46% humidity inside the box. The co2 hose is sitting high up, with the fan blowing upwards towards the plant to circulate the co2. I've noticed a growth and starting to grow a bit taller and bushier.

Temperatures raised to 97F w/ the dehumidifier in there. YIKES! Turned off the dehumidifier and turned on the 2nd fan. 82F w/ 42% Humidity. Kept it at that. Co2 added into the box, noticed a fast good impact. Ladies are growing a bit faster. ;] 2nd fan being in there may push the co2 around too much so I turned off the computer fan. And has been the constant 82F 42% humidity. Leaving it at that. Been checking it for the past three hours and it remain at those temperatures. :Namaste:

As it is growing I will be topping off two plants and plan on throwing it into flowering in 7-15 days.
Checked the box this morning before work. 82F and 57% humidity. Co2 hose are now attached to the fan. Thinking about adding another 2liter bottle to have two co2 generators running into both fans. Will be keeping all the stuff inside the box as family just landed in for the holidays. It's getting 24hrs straight cfl. Two 60watts. They're getting stretchy just as planned. Also topped them last night. Starting to get more of an aroma from them. Piney smell. Possibly pictures of them tonight or tomorrow. And how everything is disguised. My only concern at the moment is the fans humming a little. Other than everything is fine. The dehumidifier actually caused my temperature to shoot up!
Hey brother,
Looking good!!
I just wanted to suggest a few things.
Aluminum foil is typically a bad idea for many reasons. It can reflect light too hard, and create hot spots burning plants.
It also can make your box run way hotter than if it was just flat white. I've learned this from trial and error..
Since you're only running two fans circulating, you have nothing pulling the hot air out of the box. Maybe put a small computer fan at the top front so it can draw out the hot air that is building up in there. Also 24 hours of light is overkill in my honest opinion..
GLR schedule, (do some research on it seriously..) 16-8 or even 18-6 would be better. A lot of stretching occurs in the dark, so by allowing them to have some night time you could get the stretch you're after too while saving some electricity.(bonus)
One more thing, that 2 litre bottle should be 3/4 full of mix. I don't know what recipe you followed, but if you used the one I posted on your journal, it should be almost full (about 4 inches of empty space at top) and it should be bubbling a lot more than once every 3 seconds. So it's not really giving you all that much CO2 at the moment. Maybe on the next batch add another one, and fill up those bottles

Another thing, you do not need a dehumidifier in there yet. Humidity is your friend when vegging. (Plus they, as you've already discovered, create heat unless vented.) Save it for when you're budding in the tent, THAT'S when you want to keep your humidity down to avoid mold problems.

Other than that, things seem to be coming along nicely.
I'm sure once you get through Christmas and all the stress it can create. You'll have more time to concentrate on setting up your tent and getting things set up. Just be thankful your plants are the size they are now and not 5 feet tall, budding and stinking to high heaven!!
The GLR schedule would be too difficult for me to maintain as when I work I do work 12.5 hours a day. 4 days a week. Would just be too hard for me to obtain that schedule. Ill be going back to 18-6. Just spent the time reading about it. I have another timer I bought that I will be setting up. The bottle, i wasn't sure how much to put. I read it off one of the forums and said to use 3/4 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of yeast, and 3 cups of water.
sorry I thought I posted this in you journal before..
musta been out of it, I just posted the photos instead of the recipe. my bad..

I got the idea from another forum, but I expanded on it a bit. I use that same recipe. 15ml yeast (I just got a bunch of champagne yeast packets and it seems to be the best yeast to use, as well as 4.5 gallon carboy at a wine supply shop.) It's really important to have a thermometer to make sure the water isn't too warm. If its too warm it will kill the yeast, then it's all a waste. I just got some mini porous sprinkler hoses and a "T" connector. So I can make a loop around the canapy, and the CO2 will just cascade down through the leaves. I'll post photos of it later.
Oh yeah it's not coco, it's just dry Sunshine mix just before I gave them a good drink.

Here's his recipe and directions to "Khordes"post on --------org:
Stuff that you need...
- 2L pop bottle +2caps
- 3" of 1 1/4" Clear Vinyl Tubing (something with a bit of stretch)
- 1.5m of 5mm tubing
- 15ml Yeast (I used dry baker’s yeast but apparently Champaign yeast is the best)/ 480ml Sugar/ 2L Water
- drill with bits
- epoxy (waterproof)

To make the Bubbler on top:
-cut the 1 1/4" tubing to about 2.5" in length.
-Drill 5-6 super tiny holes (1/32" - 1/16") through one cap and one 5mm or 7/32" hole through the other, clean them all out and set aside.
-Soak the Tube in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, so it will have a little stretch to fit around the bottle caps.
-Push the bottle caps into the tube and stretch the tube around until flush with the bottom of the base of the cap.
-Let harden for couple hrs...
-Fin. Set aside...

To Make the Fermentation Mixture:
-Warm the 2l in a pot on the stove and dissolve the 480ml sugar, stirring constantly, as soon as all of the sugar is dissolved take it off the heat. Stick a thermometer in the sugar-water solution and let it cool to 38° C, this is the optimal temperature for yeast to activate, too hot will kill the yeast!
-Add the 15ml of yeast, stirring constantly, until it mostly looks dissolved.
-Let the mixture activate for half-hour to an hour before poured into the bottle.

Clean up a pop bottle with soap and water, bleach if you really want and make sure it is really well rinsed out. Add the fermentation solution to your newly cleaned out pop bottle almost to the top, probably 1.8L total, fill the bubbler from the bigger holed side and quickly screw it on to the top of the 2L without squeezing the bottle (it will suck all of the water out of your bubbler) you should notice small bubbles start to come through, that is the CO2, stick your 5mm hose through the hole, not into the water, just above the surface of the water; and wrap the other end (poked with small holes) around your plants. Now you have CO2! CHEAP!
***This Solution will last about 1week at optimal production, after that you can choose to either add more sugar to keep the yeast going or replace the fermentation mixture; if no more bubbles appear after the sugar has been added a second time then the yeast has been killed by the by-product of the co2 production, alcohol.
***THE FIRST MIXTURE does not need to be re-warmed for the addition of extra sugar!

You don't have to use the bubler, but I would suggest it as it helps to keep the yeasty air out of the equation keeping bugs away. It works as an airlock, so just straight CO2 come out the end, not stinky yeasty gas.
Update, I have yet to remove the aluminum foil. I got two computer fans running sucking out hear above both 60watt lamps. 2 fans set on high, two 2liter bottles to generate the co2. Both hoses are extracted into the fan to blow co2/air onto the ladies. Temperature and humidity is at 79F 54%. I just watered the two little ladies with water and 1/2 recommended with nutrients. Before being able to fix and do these new things, I noticed one of the lowest leaves started to die out. The leaves on all the plants were a bit hard and crispy. I did everything this morning about 4:30am before lights went on and noticed they are recovering from the heat stress. I will be going to buy some white sheets or mylar sheets to help out with light reflection. I also won a few hundred from the casino and have put it aside to buy anything I may need in the future when I have my complete set up running. I did what Vick suggestion upon co2 and it is now bubbling about every 1 second of co2. Ladies have recovered from toppings and have new bud sites growing and see new spots for me to clone later on in the future. I will be trying to veg the ladies until febuary unless they preflower. So lets hope it all goes well. It will be a lot easier for me to do things and post up better pictures after the holidays. I've been busy with the holidays. So it's taking majority of my time to take responsibility with the ladies.

If I do not get a 600watt led lighting for christmas, I will be purchasing one off the sponsors of this forum to save cost on electricity and such. Will also get a 300 watt for veg and a new smaller tent for veg/clones. Big plans, big goals. Hopefully all goes well. I'll post up pictures of the ladies as well. I also took off the pipe cleaners, and decided not to lst the ladies as this is my first grow and would like to do LST heavily on my next grow. I want to use this time to experiment and learn by trials and error as Vick, has helped me learn and improved a lot.
I noticed a bit of nutrient burns. Ill be doing a complete flushing when I get home from the Christmas party. Took out the ladies out of the box to redo the walls and currently under the 600watt at 50% with the light 2.75-3ft high. Noticed only a few leaves on the edges slightly showing sign. Bottom leaves were dying. Just the lowest and only 1 or 2 on each plant. A lot of new bud sites.
I gave each pot about 4.5gallons of water to flush them out and 4 16.9OZ bottles of water for the Headband. Headband is drooping. I will let these ladies live in their pots. Just transplant the headband into 3gallon pots and they will be final there. If they live then they live. If not It's okay as I know that I should have put a lot more perlite into the soil mix to get better oxygen. I can transplant them into bigger pots but I will let them be where they are at now. Biggest lady has a shit ton of new bud sites trying to grow out. They're lacking in sunlight. I know when I have my tent set up they will be able to get more lighting than now due to the reflective mylar in the tent. Until then they will ride out. I won't water them until next week to confirm soil is absolute dry. I will go back to 1/2 nute feeding for the next watering. I went with recommended feeding schedule and over did it.
I wouldn't worry about them dying.
Not having enough perlite in the mix isn't going to kill them..
Don't be afraid to move big fan leaves out of the way to give light to the smaller wanna be's.
be rough with them, but not too rough.. lol
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