1st Grow - Kingsnake235's - Soil - HID - Hash Plant & Black Indica - 2015


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Hello! This is my first personal grow, i'll be learning a lot and hopefully getting a bit of bud out of the deal; definitely planning on upgrading from a closet to a tent for hopefully the next grow, but my budget is up on this one, so what I have is what I have; Thanks for checking in, I'll try to be as thorough as I can.

3 Hash-Plant - Feminized - CropKing - 80% Indica, high CBD, moderate THC
3 Black Indica - Feminized - CropKing - 80% Indica, high CBD, moderate THC

Currently (11:00pm/PST) 16.5 hours in soil after 48 hour germination as per CK instructions

all popped and planted with 1/4-1/2 taproot, except one - which i left in the paper towel and accidentally dried out a bit, it was re-wet and seemed to show a bit of growth, so its planted as HP-3. So far 5/6 are over the soil, with one still having the seed on it a bit.

Soil mix - 2/3 Seasoil Original, 1/3 worm castings
I will aerate larger pots with lava rock, and use the same in a bottom layer for drainage.

Starting in 16oz cups - finishing in 2 gal buckets

Running an aircooled 600W MH dialed to 50%,
cooled with 6" 160cfm inline duct fan, pulling from DIY carbon scrubber through light to exhaust. (hoping to get the temps dialled in so i can up the wattage later on.)

Temp Lights ON - 84-86F
(peaks at 88-90F if i leave the ambient heat on, might use a mash bucket for DIY co2)
Temp Lights OFF - 68-74F
I have a medium sized oscillating fan in the corner on the lowest setting, set to the same timer as the lights, currently 20/4 to keep temps up. Experimenting daily with airflow and ambient temps outside closet - have added a second filtered intake since photo below was taken.

RH Lights ON - 34%
RH Lights OFF - 45%

i leave a dish of water and adjust levels with ambient temp/rh when i can by leaving the door open a bit and sometimes opening the window to outside, but its cold (2*C) and very wet right now (70%RH), so not that often.

Watering with Local Tap water PH 7.0
Spraying top of soil with mist bottle, as needed to maintain moisture and humidity under seran (where applicable)

No nutes.
I have some bone meal, but i tested a mix of soil with some basil seeds and found some white webby mold on top, after reading determined it to be from the bonemeal not having a chance to cook in the soil, so figured i might just leave it out this time.

My space is a 2x5x5 section of a 2x5x8 closet, divided with a shelf thats about.. 18" deep, so there is airflow between the 2 sections. My ballast and timer, etc are on the shelf, so everything is contained and powered from a single extension cord plugged into a surge protected hub on an otherwise unused 15A circuit.


So far so good, watchful of my temps and RH, experimenting to get a good balance with my room and my closet before too long. If i have forgotten or left out any pertinent information, let me know and ill post an update!

:Namaste: and thanks to everyone here on the forums for compiling this wealth of valuable information I have been pouring over :nomo: I have no doubt your experience will continue to prove invaluable throughout my journey.


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re: 1st Grow - Kingsnake235's Soil, HID, Hash-Plant & Black Indica - 2015

sprouts were a bit dry when I got up this morning, the lights run over night, so i gave them a good moistening to get some run off earlier - they require a bit more watering due to the higher temps, but I'm hoping to be mindful enough not to over-water - and a slight spray just now.

Got the temps down a couple degrees, but not a lot.. don't want them to stretch too much too soon so i lowered the light some to about 20 inches away; 5/6 sprouts are above ground and looking green! the straggler hash plant seed that I almost dried out seems to be poking its head up under the soil, i can see the shell and a bit of taproot, so I'm hopeful that it will pull through!

Some of the first leaves are a bit curled under but in not sure thats an issue, the first tips of the serrated sets look healthy.

about to go dark for 4 hours


:high-five: so far so good


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re: 1st Grow - Kingsnake235's Soil, HID, Hash-Plant & Black Indica - 2015

Subbed :popcorn:


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re: 1st Grow - Kingsnake235's Soil, HID, Hash-Plant & Black Indica - 2015

I love the coffee computer emoticon haha i feel like this often :nomo:
Subbed! looking good man.
Isn't 7 ph a little high for waterings?

yeah haha, i just discovered the "more" emoticons button last night lol..

7ph is neutral so its "decent" for just about anything and keeps things even, but it is, granted, not "ideal" for nutrient uptake. I am just using ph test liquid so it goes from 6 right to 7 in shades of colour, i figure I'm a little bit lighter green than 7 so i might even be in the 6.8 range, but its not quite yellow like 6/6.5; but since its 7 right out of the tap, i don't have to use phUP or down, i'll stick with it unless it presents an issue.

you are right tho, 6.5-6.8 would be better.

thanks for following along!

Mello136 said:

welcome, thanks!

plants have gone dark for a couple more hours, but with the rate they grow, I'm sure ill see some changes when i get in there again.


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re: 1st Grow - Kingsnake235's - Soil - HID - Hash Plant & Black Indica - 2015

quick update this morning;

temps have been staying even around 83-84, but dropping to about 68 for the 4 short dark hours; i know i need to drop the daytime temp to keep the DIF more narrow and reduce internode length, but its been quite difficult to balance my ambient temps with the grow temps - its about 0-2*C outside and raining every day, so to leave the window open and the heat off makes it a bit chilly inside. Beginning to worry a bit about when i put the HPS in, cause i know its just gonna get hotter..


5/6 seedlings still looking strong, and the 6th one has broken the dirt so I'm still hopeful she's gonna pull through.

a bit more stretching than I was expecting this morning tho, so i propped the plants up on top of their future pots (see reflection) and lowered the light down to about 7" from the top of the highest sprout (~2.25" tall)
I'm sure its nothing to quite stress over yet as they are all holding themselves up, but, since these are both 80% indica strains i would like to keep them short..

edit to add: I also dialled the ballast from 50% to 75% for 450W

ill be watering more often now due to that distance and i may adjust the photoperiod from 20/4 to 18/6 to get the stretch under control, but i fear that may reduce the lights off temp too much with an extra 2 hours darkness.. time will tell.

you'll notice there is still some room in the cups, so if the stretching continues I will likely backfill with a bit more soil, and its looking like i may have to sink them a bit during transplant to 2gals.

question - i've read that you can approximate 1' of height for each gallon of root space, is this accurate? 2 gallons = 2' height? so with a sprout at 2" leaves 22" for growth, but only 10" left until flipping to 12/12, they're growing about 1/2-1/4" a day, so if i can keep that on the low end and veg them for 2 weeks, that could work out alright and give them enough space to double in height? I have a bit of headspace for them on top of that, but as i said, the HPS will be much hotter, so i'd like to keep them compact.

I was planning on SCRoG originally, but i think i may just do some LST when the time comes; i have yet to build a screen, and I like being able to handle the plants individually if necessary.. thoughts?


sprouts are 3 days above ground, except HP3 who's just showing her head this morning.

Hashplants on the left, Black Indicas on the right

Hashplant 1, currently 2.25" tall - all the rest are ~1.75-2"



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re: 1st Grow - Kingsnake235's - Soil - HID - Hash Plant & Black Indica - 2015

so, the lights were timed to come on at 515PM, and at 545, the power went out for about 2 hours, so they had 30 mins of light in the midst of 7 hours of darkness.. i rigged up a weak light in the room just to shed a few lumens and try to keep them awake, it seemed to have an effect as the 2 closest spouts turned to face it, but i hope it doesn't cause any long term damage.

topped up the cups to account for a bit of stretch and sprayed it down, just before the lights went out.


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re: 1st Grow - Kingsnake235's - Soil - HID - Hash Plant & Black Indica - 2015

quick update

Day five since germinated seeds were planted in soil, 600W MH back at 50%, 8.5" from top of tallest seedling.
temps were up around 88F when i put the bulb on 75%, so to avoid stretching i put it back to 50% and raised the hood an inch. sitting back at 84F now, 37%RH

tap roots are making progress at the bottom of the cups, i taped the side to avoid light exposure, but clear enough to see moisture buildup.

the hash plant straggler seems to be alive still, found her wilted pretty bad a while after taking the seran wrap from the top of the cup, i think the humidity difference must have been too much; i propped the stem up with soil and watered, seems to be standing on its own now, still hopeful!



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Looking good. Sounds a bit hot in there and RH should be a tad higher. Good luck with the babies, will be lurking around!!



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thanks for checkin in;

it IS a bit hot, last night i got the room temp down to 81f with the doors open and my window open over night.. makes it a tad chilly in the house tho however. RH tops at about 45-46%.

i can definitely see the issue, i just don't have the means to rectify it at this moment. I have my exhaust running from scrubber > light > outside, so when i can ill have to add another fan to separate the systems, and put a controller on the exhaust fan to reduce the CFM and keep some of the RH in the room. I have 2 passive intakes and a bit of a gap under the doors, since its just a hanging tarp with a zipper with some pipe insulation taped to the bottoms, lol, but its still not enough fresh intake for the 160 cfm fan, problem is, i need that cfm to cool the light, anything smaller and id be fighting the heat even worse.

Definitely planning to buy a tent before my next attempt; a 4x4x6 will be significantly easier to regulate than this 2x5x5 closet i am currently in. I knew that going in tho which is why i got the 600w over a 400w. Live and learn, as they say!

thanks again for joining!


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Day 8 since put in soil; third sets of leaves just starting to show some growth, upward stretch has been slow thankfully; adjusting the light and temps has definitely been helping. Tallest (HP1) is 2.75" and shortest (excluding HP3) is about 2" so they are starting to even out a bit which is good.

lights on temps getting a bit cooler, sitting at 79-80f, with lights off around 70-75F; id like to get it all down a bit more, but I'm happy with the day/night DIF for now. Ambient room temps, ~66F.

600w still at 50%, but raised to 13 inches above the tallest plant (HP1)

The Black Indicas

The Hashplants - the straggler, HP3, seems to still be kicking, but she's quite stunted, hasn't gained much height, but her stem is still firm, standing on her own in a light breeze, so I'm still hopeful!

HP1 - the strongest seed/longest taproot/fastest grower

HP1 roots - other plants show roots at the bottom, but this is the strongest.

i noticed a bit of.. "twisting" ? on a few leaves, closer to the larger fan i had running, and i have since turned that fan off and just left a smaller, stationary fan, that hangs on the wall behind the light, blowing between the light and the canopy; its enough to push the plants around a bit, but not enough to stress them (i hope).
i noticed a very small amount of tip curling on 3/6 plants which is why i raised the light a few more inches, seems to be doing ok, but the soil is still drying out quite fast.

because of that, I've been watering in small amounts every day - only enough to reach the bottom of the cups but not cause runoff (or not much if it does) - haven't noticed any wilting so ill keep on with that approach for now until transplanting to 2G buckets.

i know i should use cups that aren't clear, but i do like that these allow me to keep up with the progress of root growth, not starting to get root bound just yet, with the 3rd set of leavings starting to show, so i figure i have at least another week before transplant, maybe more - no rush!

so far so good! its almost time to name these ladies :laugh2:



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Those roots sure grow fast once they get going!

After some reading about transplanting, I decided it was time to do it before the roots starting wrapping around each other at the bottom' it might have been a a day or two premature, but they seem to be holding up well; id like them to get over it before i have to leave town for a couple days.

temps have been getting down more and more, with highs of 78-79F and lows of 69-73F - i changed the position of the hygrometer in the closet and put it closer to the soil, rather than in the metal drip tray, and it seems to be reading more hospitable conditions with 40-55% RH, although I'm sure thats just reading some of the moisture from the soil, since its closer - the air is not that humid.

after transplanting I adjusted the light to 18 inches from the top of the pots, with the tallest plant being only ~2" after transplanting and the rest being ~1-1.5"

Here's HP1 the tallest (first to transplant, and i didn't get it quite as low as i would have liked)

And the straggler, HP-3, not quite ready.. obviously.. haha, but still coming along! slowly but surely; figure she's a little over a week behind the others; time will tell.



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No major changes to log, but today marks 14 days since put in soil, so i figured i'd do a quick update with a few pics.

Outdoor temps have dropped several degrees putting ambient temps at 62F instead of 66F like it has been, grow room max/min checked at the start of this light cycle was 78F/66F with 35-50% RH - no telling how long it'll last but I'm happy with it!

Heres a groupshot with the hash plant in the back, black indica up front - seems they have all taken to the new pots, the 3rd set of leaves finished quickly and the 4th is coming up on all of them - the HP3 straggler is just pushing 3rd leaves now

Hashplant 1 - the strongest seed, has stretched a bit more than the others, but she's looking healthy! real nice leaves

Just to compare the internodes with the next

Here is Black Indica 2, nice broad leaves and short internode spacing - this is what i was looking for
BI3 is similarly shaped.

Pretty tight internodes here so far!

And the straggler, HP3, still growing!

all in all, things are going smoothly, everyones looking healthy so far; judging by the growth, it looks like there might be 2 phenotypes of each strain? or is it too early to tell?



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day 20 since hitting the soil, and I'm leaving town for xmas a couple days so i figure its a good time for another update!

Lots of growth over the last 6 days and its definitely starting to get a bit of a smell in the closet now when i open the door.

I also transplanted the straggler which has really taken off since then!

I spread the pots out a bit to avoid crowding, as the leaves are over the edges of the pots now, and i switched the ballast up to 75% to get the light intensity up and raise the temps a tiny bit (1-2F) since it is currently snowing outside with indoor temps at 62-64F

closet is sitting at 76-80F lights on @ 450W / 65-70 lights off - all between 35-55%RH at soil level

Last night i did the first round of LST on the tallest plant, hash plant - 1, looking good so far; leaves are a bit different than the other HP's, maybe a different phenotype?

And a couple pieces of gumby wire to hold the leaves out on hashplant-2.

The straggler, Hashplant-3 is catching up well! pushing those leaves out quick now, I'm glad i kept her growing!

And the black indica's
BI 1 - Coming along well!

BI 2 - was considering some LST on this one maybe as well, since its a bit taller like HP-1

BI 3 - really liking the leaves on this one, super straight and sharp, broad leaves with dense nodes.

anyways thats all for now; really pleased with how things are coming along, definitely learning a lot throughout this process too. Lots of ideas/improvements for next time!



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its been 7 days, so time for an update here..

first off, having some yellow leaf issues with Blackindica-1; noticed when i came home from 2 days away that the very bottom set of true leaves (not cotyledons) was yellowing and wilting. Those 2 leaves have since been removed, and i tried watering with a small amount of diluted urine, thinking N deficiency (6:1 dilution, 250mL total volume) but to no avail, it is progressing to the next set of leaves, slowly but surely.

advice appreciated!

i have not been feeding any nutes, so is it possible that it is N lockout from the plant using all the N and K and leaving only P in the soil? there is a hydro shop nearby, and their online store says they carry biobizz and general organics products, would fish mix or maybe bio grow be an option?

i have read possibly if it is lockout, to flush and let dry?

anyways, pics!

only 1 of the 3 black indica's is showing these signs, and the hash plant all look fine.

reference, to see the rest of the affected area

most yellow leaf currently

leaf on other side beginning to show signs

onward and upward;

Here is HP-1, really starting to bush out now after a couple rounds of LST; i decided to give BI2 some LST as well.

HP1, filling out well

good node development

and an undershot to see the main stem

pretty happy with how thats been going, next time ill make sure to secure the main stem a little better, the gumby wire proves pretty useless for training into the soil, once it dries, the connection is lost.. i used some folder clips after reading a few threads..

BI 2 - as you can see i learned from the first LST and better secured the stem. this is only 1 day after LST

and the remaining pictures

HP3- the straggler, growing strong

i forgot to take a picture of Blackindica-3, but she is looking really good as well, tried some light LST but let it go after a while as the stem is quite thick and i didn't like how much stress was on it; the leaves are just too nice to risk her :p

in other news, i recently placed an order for a 3'11x3'11x6'7 tent from Mars-Hydro which should arrive within a couple weeks, just in time to get them swapped over and possibly transplanted to larger pots for flower. Really looking forward to having the extra space to work with and the head room to allow me to put the light on 100% without worrying about the temps too much! stoked.



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to continue from earlier,

i wanted to nip this yellow leaf in the bud, sotospeak, so after some reading/thinking i decided to hit the grow shop and see what they have in stock.

i picked up
BioBizz Fish Mix

Fish Mix 4.0-0.0-3.0, so it should help well with nitrogen

the guy at the grow shop gave me some sample bottles of
BioBizz Top Max
BioBizz Bio Heaven

Top Max 0.2-0.0-0.1
Bio Heaven 1.0-0.1-0.1

their NPK are negligible, but the BioHeaven has 1N and their descriptions list other benefits which make sense in theory (though i know very little in reality) plus i got them for free, so i figured sure.

I fed the yellow affected plant and the straggler with 1/2tsp(2.4mL)/L each of fish mix and bio heaven of the recommended 2-5mL/L and the remaining 4 plants 1/2 as much of both, just to see what happens..

will update with any results.



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day 33 after planting

ladies are looking good after 6 days of growth with nutes; i watered 5/6 again yesterday with only the bioheaven @ 3/4tsp(3.6mL)/2L for 400mL each plant. I also tried spacing out the watering as I had noticed a fast runoff and sticky soil with previous waterings, each plant got ~150mL 3 times over the space of an hour (roughly) and the soil is looking great, still moist just under the top, and well saturated.

i am happy with the growth in the last days, and its safe to say the nutes helped out. i ended up taking off another set of the bottom leaves on the yellow plant, and finally found it may be potassium deficiency after all, but it seems to have abated for now. keeping an eye on it.

edit to add: forgot to add family pic from 6 days ago, here it is


new leaves are developing well, showing 9 fingers!

HP-1 is looking good after the few rounds of LST showing 6-8 heads; ill definitely do LST again

hairs! 3/6 plants are showing white hairs, so thats nice to see.

hoping my tent shows up sooner than later but planning to flip soon; the tallest plant is about 9" over the pot now, and i was planning to finish them at around or just under 2 feet, but with a 6'7" tall tent, i have some extra space to work with so i'll flip when it feels right :high-five:



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