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1st Grow - LED - Coco - 4 Strains


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Hi 420 mag,

I have read this forum religiously over the past few weeks and would like to start a journal of my first grow and ask for some advice along the way.

I started a grow about a month ago and fucked up by making newbie mistakes. I used enriched soil with 7.5ph tap water which i didnt realise at the time and my plants ended up with sevear nute burn and all but 1 died. Since then i have done my homework on nutrients and ph levels and have added a ph pen + ph up and down to my arsenal so no excuses this time around.

Heres what i have:

1 x Super Silver Haze - Greenhouse seeds
1 x Purple Trainwreck - Humboldt Seed Organisation
1 x White Widow - Seedsman
1 x Strawberry Blue - World of seeds
All Feminised

4x4x7 Grow tent
4 x 10l Airpots
Canna Coco Coir Pro
Canna Coco A + B nutes
240w Chinese LED with blackstar ratio, draws 137w
i will add another 300w Viper Led for flowering, i think it will draw around 180w

I will be germinating in a propogator using rockwool cubes then move straight to the 10l airpots when ready.
I will be hand watering to waste, i will also be using 100% coco in the airpots, i do have some perlite but would rather less watering.

I am thinking of starting 12 from seeds or if not a very short veg time.

1st Question.
What is the ideal ph to aim for when i am soaking my rockwool cubes? also should i add nutes to the solution? I am thinking 5.8ph + literally 1 droplet of each canna A + B to 1 litre

2nd Question.
After i move to the 10l airpots should i add 1/4 strength nutes everytime i water? or should i use plain water inbetween?

I am currently waiting for my seeds to arrive and i will post some pics asoon as i start. any feedback will be much appreciated.



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Yes, you want to ph and precharge your rockwool with nutrients. If not they probably won't survive. Not sure about your second question. I grow passive hydro (simplicity), so I have no soil experience. But there are plenty of good people here to help. You should pop into the forums and go to the introduce yourself section. Say hi, let everyone know you're here, and ask questions there. The welcoming committee will greet you and help you a lot better than me

David Bowman

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