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1st grow Mystery strain. I think it's Raspberry kush


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10 days of veg from seed after transplant to 2 gal. container and proper home (gre for 10 days on windowsill)

Didn't really keep track but I'd say week 6 of veg, one week before I plan to start her in flower




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I grew a strain that looked like that before called Papaya. It was a real greasy Indica. Very unique plant. The buds tasted like mangos.


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natural light this time of year already has it shifting into flower...its a 12/12 from seed grow.


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Papaya sounds like something I need to try. The bud I found this seed in had an initial thick dank odor, then a strong aroma of something fruity. I decided upon raspberry by the look and taste. Snowbender what're you referring to? Sounds kinda dissociated, were you talking about your grow? I'd like to see what happens when you do 12/12 from seed
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