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1st Grow & Needing Help


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I have 2 plants at about a month today(3/6/16 first day of green out of soil). I'm using a mixture of CFL's and LED's(LEDs are bulbs and one cheaper 2x2 square 115 led's, light.) they are in one gallon smart pots, being xfered to 5 gallon on Friday. They are both currently in FFOF soil and have been given no nutes only ph'd water. They were bag seeds out of two different high end bags. The only two I've been able to acquire in the past 4 years. Only quality so I imagine it should be good. Ok, the problem: some of my older, larger leaves look darker and almost plastic. The leaf tips throughout the plant are curling down and yellow spotting. All leaves are intact. The very first two it ever grew are now yellow and wilted but none have fallen. The texture is very crisp on most some not. Also a few leaves have very bright yellow green main vein on some. I keep thinking its heat. I don't have the greatest circulation but it's decent. 12 cfl's make it about a constant 80/83 degrees in the tent. I'll try to include pics. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking time to read
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