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1st Grow New Here!


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Hello this is my first grow I saw these journals thought I better do it to get a good idea of how my grow is going.

My seed broke out of a rapid rooter plug on 3/9/20 I transplanted into its current pot on the 10th.

I have not been watering very much I have a pump sprayer I use until the top soil is wet across the top because I have been afraid I might drown it it seems to be working thus far.

Day 4 3/12/20 (since breaking soil I’m not sure where most people start their day from breaking soil or from planting.)

I will post pictures I have taken every day since breaking soil. Don’t mind the herbs and veggies I have in the background of today’s photos I am growing in the same room but not in the grow tent. Which brings me to my grow tent, it is 4x4 I am just growing a single plant in the tent. 1000w led light. I have my herbs under the t5s which is a much nicer photo in my opinion.



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Hope those veggies in the back are legal. Lol jk. Welcome to the forums and good luck with the grow!
What are the genetics?

Haha yeah I think I’m good! I picked them up from Greenpoint seeds. East Coast Sour Diesel x Purple Punch are the genetics. I have time so I plan to try and Scrog my hole tent I’ll veg as long as I have to.
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