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1st Grow - New to This - Advice Welcome


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Hey this is my first grow any insight would help thanks a lot
I'm using 3 Nirvana ak 48
4 cfl 6500k I forgot the watts and my plants are in dark at the moment
4 cfl 2700k
Ocean forest soil
Two of the plants seem to be having a deficiency of some sort I once gave them some miracle grow plant food because I could not get my hands on anything better but only that one time

How can I attach photos on here.


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Upload them to the site and then post them. Link to upload photos is near top of screen. Can already tell you you'll need more bulbs than that for 3 plants


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Image 1 is the 1st plant doing pretty well I think, I topped it once I believe.also got Mylar on all the walls
Imagine 2 3 4 is the 2nd plant that is looking pretty bad thinks it's done for
Imagine 5 is the 3rd plant I topped it I think or twice


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First and third plant have slight nitrogen toxicity from the look of the leaves. Second plant is nute burn and just needs to be flushed and backed off the nutes a little. They all need a little less nutes than you're giving them, but they should all survive


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I couldn't get my hands on anything at the moment so I had to get Miracle-Gro® Liquid All Purpose Plant Food Concentrate at Home Depot I applied it probably like twice and noticed it was hurting the plants so I stopped. There's a hydroponics store I could go to what would you recommend? Might not be until Tuesday should I flush the plants and if so with how many gallons they're probably in 2 gallon pots thanks man appreciate the help :bravo::bravo::bravo::bravo:


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I would flush them with at least 2 gallons of water each. General hydroponics flora 3 part nutes is good and cheap. But just about anything from the hydro shop will work better. Miracle gro is usually frowned upon here, but you do what you gotta do. But get them flushed good.

The link in my sig to the playground is a great place. A lot of guys with more experience in soil than me. Head over there and they'll tell you what is best for the situation.


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