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1st Grow - Northern Lights x Columbian Gold - CFL's


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What strain is it? Northern Lights x Columbian Gold
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 100% Indica
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Growing from clone
If in Veg... For how long? 6 days
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Closet
Soil or Hydro? Hydro
If soil... what is in your mix? 100% Coco Coir
If soil... What size pot? 3-5 gal
Size of light? Four 40 watt CFL's
Is it aircooled? No
Temp of Room/cab? 70-76
PH of media or res? 5.5-6
Any Pests? No
How often are you watering? After inch of coco is dry
Type and strength of ferts used? Fox Farms Trio, Big Bloom/Tiger Bloom/Grow Big

Recently got my med card, went down and bought a Northern Lights/Colombian Gold clone to plant into coco coir (chose not to use 25% Perlite) This will be indoors (closet grow) and the lights I used were CFL, opted to get four 40 watt CFL's connected to reflectors (2 reflectors) after that I simply got a 5 gallon container, filled up with Coco Coir and safely transplanted the clone. On Day 2 I was surprised in how much it improved and started to feel excitement. Day 3 I started watering with nutrients followed by day 4 without doing so. The nutrients I was using were made by Fox Farms, they have a trio of nutrients to use but I'm only using a quarter serving for the 1st week. Through 6 days I have seen significant results by as little as a one day period, I have attached a few pics of how my plant has been growing. Tomorrow will be the first official week!!! Can't wait to keep you all updated on my first grow ever, ENJOY :roorrip:


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Check out my journal, I am doing a cfl grow as well and a couple weeks into flowering. One thing I would suggest is using smaller bulbs but use more of them. Also you are losing a lot of light through the sides of the bulb so try building a light fixture to house them in. Other then that your plant looks like it's about to jump into warp speed veggie growth.


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Here's a pic of the main stem, never gardening anything in my life before but I can say I feel quite comfortable in the health of my plant. Also if you notice in my first pic of when I first transplanted and look at day 17 (today) you'll see I removed the unhealthy looking branches.


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What is the FIM technique?
Some growers are now using the "FIM technique" as a way to get more growing shoots per each time you top. The strategy involves cutting off 90% of the growing shoot and leaving 10% intact. From that 10%, up to 8 more branches can emerge. This is useful for those growing SCROG style or those wanting lots of clones from a mother plant.

A shows the tradional method of topping: cutting the whole node off cleanly, to induce the stalk to split into two. But diagram B indicates to make the cut below the center of the node, leaving about 10% intact. This is the key, because the vegetation left behind has cells that are rapidly dividing in many different directions. This can lead to as many as EIGHT tops from a single pruning.

This is in the How to Grow section and if you go there you'll see pictures as well


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