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1st Grow - Sour Diesel + Southside Flame - Budget Bud


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Hello and welcome to my very first grow ever! I am on a very very tight budget at the moment in life but wanted to dip my feet into growing cannabis for so long that I couldn't resist a small personal grow! The budget for this was 200 and so i went shopping today and came up with:

Fan ------------ 15 ---- Honeywell fan [Walmart]
Lights ---------- 75 ---- 50 (T8) 23 (clamp lamps) [Home Depot]
Soil ------------- 20 ---- TGA organic soil
Nutrients ------- 15 ---- Earth Juice Grow
Seeds ----------- 30 ---- Sour Diesel and Southside Flame (Baked Genetics - White Fire OG x Pre 98 Bubba)
Light Hangers -- 30 ---- They hang lights what else do you want from me
Total = $185/$200 spent

5,500 lumens per T8 fixture and 5,000 per clamp lamps
Total = 2750 lumens/sq ft with anything within the lamps sq ft getting over 10,000 lumens (according to the lightbulbs so I could be wrong)

and now that everything is all setup and watered with 2.5ml earth juice in 1.5 liters of water, here's what I've got as the grow closet.... it's a bit messy but I love it!


I've already germinated the sour diesel which I picked up off a buddy and now it's all potted up


I also felt like growing some yellow raspberries for the time being that I dont need to use the clamp lights on the more important things!



and this little fan is the fan that will blow hot air out of the closet via the door being cracked open (working on a solution to having to keep the door opened!)


Well I'll probably do updates once or twice a week and advice is really appreciated!


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Thanks man! it's going well so far, the Southside Flame seeds that I put in a cup of water yesterday sunk this morning and are already popping open so they'll be moved to a paper towel and plate germination tonight. Hopefully by the time those are planted the sour d will be just reaching out of the soil!


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Wow impressive budgeting congrats man!

Look into a product called tappin' roots for seedlings and veg. IDK if it does well together with earth juice but it has reeeeally helped me when cloning/sprouting.

Like CO said nothing is better than a brand new clean grow space! Keep it clean, and keep it up!


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I checked out that stuff and it looks like it might help but when my southside flame #4 looks like this? being planted just yesterday... after the sour diesel I might add

Pretty excited for this one, really hoping this one is a female!

took out the raspberries because these are gonna take up a lot of space. once I figure out the sexes of my plants then I can decide how much space they are gonna need but for flower Im gonna invest in a grow tent that way I can not worry about the odor


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The bottle says you can use it on seedlings but yea I would wait until they have a couple roots to stand on.

My limited understanding is that they are just microbiotics and bacteria, I don't think you can kill em with too much. They love it, they literally can't get enough!

This is from their site

Tappin’ Roots can be used at any stage of a plant’s development, from cuttings until flush... gentle yet powerful formulation will never burn plants and works to prevent nutrient lockout at the root level... You should see visible results within 3 days, or even sooner with foliar feeding....

All I know is I take cuttings and stick em in coco mats soaked in the stuff, with a little cloning gel, and I sit back and let them ride until I got beautiful clones with wizard beard roots. If I had to buy one fertilizer for veg stage, Tappin would be it.

Just my two cents!

Make sure to post more pix when they are big!


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well I may have to get some of that when I take my first cuttings! if that baby leaf is at all indicative of color and I get some purple buds I'm gonna be pretty stoked! I read that pre-98 bubba has purple buds and the genetics are there so maybe


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IDK about the 98 thing but yea I have seen bubba before where it was so purple I thought for sure it was purple kush


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The Southside Flame has now completely broken ground on all 6 plants!

most look like this

but SF #4 and SD #2 are both a day ahead. here's SD #2 and the other seeds that I hope are still trying!

lowered the lights as low as they can go
light watering w/o nutrients
I'll post pics again after they've grown a bit
any advice on how long I should veg? I was thinking until I get them 1 foot tall or so and then putting a scrog above them as this would make the most efficient use of what space they have


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Well the two sour diesels didn't come up at all so they've been removed
but temps maintaining constant 70-80 and everything is now on day 2 of veg


SF #4 is currently leading the pack



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the plant had curled when it was coming up and as of yet is structurally weakened
I can't imagine this being a big deal but let me know if i'm wrong! but here's what I did


They're doing well otherwise!



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3 weeks and 1 day in

decided to flower one of the plants (will not be in the veg closet), take clones of it later in flower, and harvest only that one that way I can gain experience with harvesting. The others will be cloned from but will stay in veg as mothers. The phenotype of Southside Flame that I like the best will be kept while the other mothers will be planted outside to go for monster yields (1 year of veg should be more than enough to make this possible)
happily in its larger pot is Southside flame #2


and the others!


no major complications yet! :D
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