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1st Grow - Starting Journal at Week 4 of Flowering


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Thank you for taking the time to check out what I've been up to for the past couple months. Like the title says, I am a first time grower, so please understand that my plant went through a rough vegetative state. But, alas, she has made it this far, and I would love some general feedback on her progress. Good advice is also very much appreciated :Namaste:

Strain: Indica (possible sativa hybrid)
Medium: Soil - MG coarse orchid soil (17-5-11)... more on this later lol
Pot Size: 3 gallon
pH: 6.5
Stage: Flowering - week 4, day 1
Light: 12/12 (pics below)
(1) 125W 2700K CFL hanging horizontally over top of the plants
(2) 23W 2700K CFLs positioned on the sides, either directly above or beside certain bud sites
*I have a curved reflector made out of aluminum foil that is not visible in the picture)
Temperature: 76 day and night
Humidity: no idea
Nutrients: For the past two weeks I have been adding a little Max Bloom (0-40-30) to my watering schedule once every three waters. I also have a small free sample sized bottle of folic acid, but I use it very sparingly

2) Light setup:

3) Cola:

Also, just noticed today one or two pistils that are turning brownish. My bud sites seem pretty thin though compared to some other images I have seen online at similar grow times. Can you guys or gals give me some insight on my progress so far?

Oh, and about MG. It was a really dumb choice, I know. I had tried MG regular early on in vegetative, and the time-release nutrients in it really nuked my little girl. It also seemed to have really poor drainage. This is why I opted to buy a coarse soil. The time release nutrients in it are less concentrated than in the MG regular soil. Plus, since I've switched, the plant has had no problems with nutrient burn or deficiency.

Anyyyyways. Thoughts? :allgood:
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Bump! It would be very helpful and super awesome if someone gave me some guidance here. I am just looking for advice on progress, bud size, etc. More pictures coming very soon.

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