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1st Grow Using Blue Dream Fem Seeds Outdoors


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first off let me say im just a adverage joe growing for smoke and this is my first grow. I got seeds late and got a really late start. the first picture is two weeks after transplanting into the ground. I also topped it and feed it miracle grow 1/2 strength at 2 weeks. the second and third pictures I waited another two weeks before topping and feeding it again. i think it looks way better after feeding it and topping. any help you can give i need lol



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well its been almost 2 weeks since my last pic i just thought id keep it goin i topped it 1 more time and i feed her good and shes filling out real good i think anyone out there have any advice




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cool grow - Seems more "grow" like when you just mob around like that in the wilderness lol

Plants look good

David Bowman

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