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1st grow - Want experienced eyes to have a look


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Hey guys,

I am 2.5 weeks into flowering on my first grow. Everything seems to be going well but I just wanted a more experienced pair of eyes have a look for me.

I have the two green goddesses on 12 12 and they are strong little buggers!

Any comments are much appreciated.



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Looks great to my eye.. and I've seen a plant or two over the years.
In a week or two, those pistols will really increase in number. They will look bright against the darker green background of the plant. I like to call it the "fireworks" stage because of the appearance. You're about to enter that arena.
And if it were my strain in my garden growing in my passive hydro hempy pots, I'd guess you're about 30-40 days from harvest.


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I have put an extractor fan into the side of it. It's blowing air in the top. I have 4 opening flaps at the bottom to allow air circulation. So far it seems to be okay. Average temperature 25 c and RH 50%
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