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1st Indoor Grow


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First time grower follow my grow & give me any advise I could use .... My plants are about 2 months old I will post pics & updates from seed to present ....

Started in coco soil then transplanted to hydro I was using CFLs to begin with in a basic flat white closet

After about a week or 2 I started noticing yellowish leaves affecting the bottom leaves first making its way up the leaves I learned this was because of lack of nitrogen

After treating my plant with some GH flora series nutes I started noticing it was getting a lot healthier



I had bought mostly everything I needed for my grow at that time so decided to start 2 new plants

Then I got myself a small tent for my plants as they were doing fine during the time staying real healthy

I then got myself an LED 400w grow light & a couple fans for my grow room


Then I ran into some problems again where I'm at now at the present moment I believe it's magnesium deficiency I treated it with some Epson salt & have been seeing the new leaves grow healthy & the affected ones stay the same ...


Here are the latest pictures of my plant in a 10 gallon tote after treating it with Epson salt added to my soup ....






I'll take any advise given by experienced growers on here to make my grow a successful one... I'll keep updating w/ pictures & problems I run into

Update 7/19/14: plants are doing great haven't shown any signs of deficiencies :)


Discovered some brown looking stuff forming around my res my plant is doing great so I didn't pay much attention to it I believe it's nute residue from Gh Micro ....




About 2 days after discovering that brown residue my plants still look really healthy


Finished setting up my screen




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Re: 1st indoor grow :)

I would check your water again if its still got that brown residue I would clean roots off with clean ph water and clean water tank flush out could be chemical build up. I would also post the pics on a new thread in the problems pest and disease section see if anyone with abit more knowledge can help :)


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Re: 1st indoor grow :)

Thank you the brown stains on my roots was from the micro nutes once I give it a good rinse in clean water it comes right off i cleaned out my res made it pitch black so no light goes in mixed In my nutes added some cal mag & Adjusted the ph lets see how it goes from here I'll post an update a little later to see how the girls react


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Plants are looking nice man, I wasn't to sure if I could having 3 being so close together in the same res but yours look good so I might go ahead and add one.

I wasn't sure either but they're doing good I'm experiencing some problems with the middle leaves right now only on one plant tho its weird but I hope she pulls thru good


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I personally wouldn't worry about the roots to much, I would say there just following the flow of water in ur tank and growing around each other. As for your poor leaves just keep checking ur PH and water temps!!! Never done hydro so can't really say but I know you have already cleaned off roots and your water tank!! What did u do with your feed did u go straight to full strength on the feed?
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