1st Journal - 2 x Cherry Bomb Auto - 1 x Dreamberry Auto - FFOF Soil

Integrum Stultus

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Soaked the beans for 20 hrs in a glass of water. After removing them they went into towels and were bagged. They were then placed under my cable box. After 25 1/2 hrs CB1 and DB had half inch tap roots. CB2 had cracked but hadn't made as much progress as the other two. Nonetheless all three went into soil under the MH 144R.

I ran a gallon of straight h2o thru my soil and let them dry out for a week then ran a gallon of water with 2 mL of GH Rapid Start, 4 mL of Molasses (for the mykos) thru each pot about three days prior to planting.

The 'Skinny'

Strains? 2x Bomb Seeds Cherry Bomb Auto 1x Auto Seeds Dream Berry Auto

Auto/Photo? All 3 are Autoflowers.

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor - Apollo 2x4x5 Tent; Mars Hydro Reflector 144

Soil or Hydro? Soil - FFOF seed to harvest. 30% Perlite Added 9.4 liters of soil mixed w/ 4.7 liters of perlite and 2 liters of clay pebbles in the bottom of each pot.

If soil... What size pot? 5 gallon equivalent Super Root Air-Pots

Is it aircooled? Not at the moment; 6" Vivosun Variable speed fan w/ an iPower charcoal 6"x16" can

Light Schedule? 18/6

Temp of Room/cab? 71.7 F - 86.7 F

RH of Room/cab? 37% - 47%

PH of media or res? 6.54

Any Pests? No

How often are you watering? When dey. (no schedule yet)

Type and strength of ferts used? Will be running 3 different nute lines in this grow. Mainly i want to find what has the best results :

Cherry Bomb1 - GH Maxi series (bloom only K.I.S.S method 7 grams per feed)

Dream Berry - Botanicare CNS17 (grow/bloom/ripe/hydroplex)

Cherry Bomb2 - BioBizz Indoor try pack (grow/bloom/topmax)

As of 4p today (12/22/16) DB has already made her way up, hat and all, in less than 24 hrs. CB1 and CB2 are still being shy. Im surprised DB has popped up so quickly. Should be interesting to see her growth if she starts this fast!


Any tips, advice or pointers are welcome. Sit back and lets enjoy the ride! ...

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BT germed and was put into soil earlier today. My 6" extractor arrived, so now thats all set up. Not much to do other than monitor the environment and start nutes in 7-10 days. I plan on topping these ladies to bush them out and maintain vertical growth since I'm a little restricted in that direction. Its about that time to smoke something so enjoy your evening and happy growing!

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U can see how CB is outpacing DB so far but i just attribute that to DB's helmet being stuck for 2 days after she came up. Time will tell.

Cherry Bomb 8 days above

Dreamberry 9 days above

Happy Growing 420 family!!

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Welcome aboard Penn.. Ima snip CB on Sunday, i wanna allow some clearance to get in there and make a clean cut. CB and DB both have had 2 feeds already with no adverse affects whatsoever. BT is behind by about a week. 32 oz each with 4 mL molasses 1 mL GH Rapid start and 3 mL Botanicare CNS17 Grow for CB and 3.5 g of GH MaxiBloom for DB. Babying them so far so i don't overwater or burn them but all in all it seems like they're happy and ready to thrive!! The secondary growth is exploding on DB and CB.. ...

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Any tips on raising humidity? Had a humidifier in the tent but it seemed the 6" exhaust was just sucking everything out. I have a couple jugs of water in there with the humidifier outside of the tent now but it still seems to wanna hover around 30%..

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I put it back in because there was no noticeable difference. One thing i did notice is when power is out humidity goes up to like 45-50ish range. Ima put a towel in and see if that helps. Thanks!!

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My tent runs around 30% with the extraction fan running but seems to be pretty easy to raise it up around 50% with a small cool air humidifier running.

Keep em frosty ya'll
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