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1st Journal - EDSB-Amnesia-SSH - 1200W Stadium - C02


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Hello -

Today I planted 20 Ed Rosenstahl Super Bud from clones in 6 liter square pots

4 Amnesia haze from Seed in 11liter square pots

5 mr. nice Super Silver Haze, also in 11liter pots

The three best, I will be keeping for future use, (hopefully)

They will be vegging for the next 2-(3) weeks under a 3w LED 90W UFO, and then moved to a 1200watt vertical stadium setup for flowering.

Well, Thank you for subscribing, and hopefully it will be a fun ride. ALL INFO BELOW

Pic's of day 1 below! - Little hard to see with LED on, but everyone of them are healthy. - Ill try and take more pic's without light on, but yeah for the veg very basic set up,

- Soil

Home compost mix, with 5% perlite, 10g of egg shells, 30% coco, and 5% grow-stones mixed in 6liter (ED) and 11liter (SSH & AH)

Clones were planted today, and added Mike O'Rizey granular "its all about the roots" just a dash per hole.
Then drenched with AN Sensi Grow A&B at 1.5ml per liter, 2 drops of supervit per 10liter and 2.5ml bio-coeyzme per 10 liters

Nutes (VEG)

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A&B - will be watering at about half strength when pots are dry.

Hessi SuperVit - 2 drops per 10 liters (regularly)

Bio-cozyme 2-4ml per 10liters (regularly)

Insect frass 1 cup per 10liter (once per 2-3 weeks)

Nutes (FLOWER)

Im not entirely decided but most likely, I will be going with Plagron Alga Bloom, 4ml per 10l
SuperVit, 1 drop per 10l
Bio-cozyme 5ml per 10l
and 2-3 times, I will do a brew of insect frass, 1 cup per 10liter
Plagron Roots 10ml per 10l

Weeks 5-8 Plagron green sensation 10ml per 10l



I dont have an intake fan so I will try and release co2 from a 6kg tank on a regular basic - but there is a window in the room


30Kg Co2 tank - Sealed room connected to a digital regulator for 16 cubic meter area - 1200PPM



3 watt LED, 90 watt UFO


2 600watt HPS hung vertically in a stadium setup


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Day 3, signs of plenty of new growth, new sets of leaves coming in quick on the SSD and ED

Amnesia sprouts are working on there 3rd set of actual leaves now.. - Ill be pinching them back once that happens and I'll be looking to have 4 main stalks


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Day 6,

I pinched off some of SSH and all of Amnesia (from seed) ( Im considering getting 4 main branches and weaving them through a fence, I think I heard to this referred to as a Vert-srog or something, could be good, fill some of light holes I have going on now)

As for the Ed, its rapidly growing, they are pushing 20cm already... (I pinched back a couple of them as well)

David Bowman

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