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1st Journal From Phone, 4 WWA & 5 TWA, Thanks For Any Tips & Help Along The Way


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when legalized mmj in oklahoma me and my son started an indoor grow with clones from a friend. out of 6 or 8.... 1 or 2 would live so i would go get 6 or 8 more. this happened 3 or 4 times. so having so much trouble going the clone route we decided to buy some seed and go that way. i've had a crash course in growing. all our plants from our first grow are at different age and the seeds we bought were auto's, didn't figure that out till they started blooming before some of our older clones. so now we decided to just flower everything out from the beginning and germinate the other 9 auto flower seeds for our 2nd grow and use the knowledge we got from the first go round. i never ever i thought i would see this in my lifetime..... especially in oklahoma. watched enough youtube to choke a horse and decided to come here and have received a lot of good help. i like this place a lot better because there's no, " i know better than you bla bla bla" on here so far as i can tell. i probably have 7 or 8 different strains in the first go round, blue dream, white widow, train wreck, wonder woman, og kush orange biscuit, girl scout cookie, and those are just the ones i remember, some died and some lived, chalking it up as a learning experience. i did learn 1 thing off youtube...... that my first grow was going to be shit and as i learned my grow's would get better. that's when all the pressure came off my shoulders and i decided to have fun with it. so let the fun begin lol


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Fuck yeah, brother. I’m on my fourth grow now, first photoperiod. Everything I know I learned right here at 420mag. They’ve all been indoor and the first three were very piss poor yields, were talkin single digit grams. I finally got into a place where I’ve got the time; and with all the knowledge I’ve gained I bought the right nutes, equipment, and genetics. This one is going very well for me as you can see. I’m hoping to pull down 125-150 grams.

Also, as far as seed is concerned, I would check out greenpoint seeds out of Colorado. They ship to any state, but I can’t post a link cause they’re not a sponsor, but their genetics are very strong, and they constantly have deals on seed packs. I got a pack of 10 regular seed for 35 down from 90, and they sent me triple my order. Also with domestic shipping there’s much less chance of confiscation


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Monday updates
Finally got the RH down to a respectable range. Below 50 and above 25.
Dehumidifier working hard lol. Still 6 out of 9 on the seedlings but 2 were runts and kind of shy, watered today with 1/4 nuets. Sinsi grow and cal mag. 15529414036124015855387269978420.jpg15529414638642840852813972004136.jpg15529415244235388383406034645746.jpg15529415782528399684071922997469.jpg15529416314708880675359562991265.jpg15529417049997926467293130369152.jpg15529417925447324445262499669479.jpg15529418468311719708158328968708.jpg

The last 2 picks are the shy one's........
Waiting!!!!! if they pop through before Friday I'll update. Went ahead and posted the temp and RH in the tent. It was higher than that. I do think I have a ventalation problem, talked to the kid about it today. We have to vent it out side some way. Probably going to have to cut a hole in the shed roof or out of a wall somewhere to help with the temp and humidity problems I've been having.
All the help I can get is helpful.


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Hey Mo! I'll pull) up a chair and will help where I can.

Ideal rh is between 40-60. I have a bunch of root pouch pots, love em but I switched to plastic 15s. Big pots, big plants! I never had problems with fabric but some will put them in milk crates so as to not damage roots when moving.

Ive never grown an auto.

Update as much as you want and ask as many questions as you need to!

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