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1st Stealth Grow Day 24 Flowering


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This is my first grow i used a mixture of peat moss, and pearlite. would have used coco core but didnt find out peatmoss was acidic untill mid veg. im already into day 20 flower but ill put the pictures of took so far. during veg i used tomato grow 30-15-15 also foliar fed with water and aloe vera juice 2x daily ...
March 11, 2014

i first the clone in a red solo cup i traded a tattoo gun for some bud and this, i transplanted it into a clear container to watch the roots, he treated them like shit so it took it a bit to take off
March 26, 2014

March 28,2014

This is where i didnt want just two main stems and i didnt have enough new growth to fim so i tied down each side in order to get better overall lighting.

April 25, 2014

i know this is a month after but as i 1st grower im not going to lie i changed my grow cultivation at least 3 or 4 times adding more and changing around, fyi this is a stealth grow

April 29, 2014

i was usuing rubber bands and strings taped to the sides to spread out the stems trying to keep it flat and even here i actually used chicken wire to spread everything out and ended up getting good results

May 15 ,2014

started flowering may 18th usuing 4 300w cfl 2700k on top 3600 lumen a piece/ 4 100w 2700k on sides/1600 lumens/ 4000 lumen 6500k on top.....i'm using bud candy,nirvana,and used voodoo from advanced nutrients, aloe vera juice, black strap molasses, Epson salt and flora bloom miraclegrow 15-30-30 i know i know thats all i had so far works great

May 22, 2014

June 7, 2014

june 8 ,2014 day 21 flower

june 11 ,2014 day 24 flower

yeah i know everyone's going to trip out on me cutting the top foliage, but im going off a theory , plus the sugar leaves can still photosynthesis, just wanting better lighting to the bottom, plus trichome production has shown more over night :thumb:

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