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1st Time - Bag Seed - Hydro AKA Hydro Valentine's Surprise


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Whats the word? As stated in the title this is a 1st time Bag Seed Hydro grow. This grow was started on Valentines day and one week later respectively so hopefully theses ladies don't stand me up.
From seed to rockwool cubes
24-36hrs til 1st leafs.
I know this just dont work with most of what I have read but I went direct to 3.5 Gal pots the 1st week.
I'm running a 400w MH on a 18/6 schedule starting at 6 ending @ midnight.
1 in rockwool cube "buried" with clay pellets in basket
ResTemp: 72-76 F
Humidity: 30's-40's
Fan: On 24hrs
Nutrients: aurora soul grow & bloom
Water: ph'd 5.9-6.1

So I started this log late. wasn't going to but I figured why not. As stated this grow was started(1st leaf) on Valentines day the 14th and 21st. The original 2nd seed didn't make it. Snapped itself in 2 breaking free.
OG Valentines Day has topped already 2 or 3 days ago. It looked like it was ready so I went for it. Now I wonder if I muffed it up. I separated the whole top including the nodes I think so I'm not sure If I'm getting a 2 or a 4 way split. Kinda looks like 3. Res has been cleaned, changed and charged. I went full nutes! I never believed in half stepping. I saw a few roots poking out the net. were white but had some slime on one of them. I figure it was the fact I just got my ph and ppm meters yesterday. Anyway it's all good now. Waiting to see the way the topping turned out.
the One Week Later plant is coming along but it's only been a week so I don't expect much. What one get's the other gets. So all is the same except time in development.
Now I gotta figure out this picture thing.

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She's a nice looking little indica bagseedling. Glad you decided to delve into the journal adventure. You won't regret it man, lots of good folks here to guide and answer the questions you'll have along the way.

KiG :green_heart:cheers


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Thanks Bro,

Quick update: I had a light failure About 20-30 mins ago. No idea what the problem is being the light is not even a month old. I did however have a couple LG daylight led bulbs and a 4 foot shop light. I took out the MH bulb and swapped it with the shop light. Each tube is 60w I believe. 2 questions. 1 what is the difference between this light and let's say the T5. 2 how can I upgrade this setup? I have another light exactly like this one.
Other news OG Valentines Day is getting thick. The tops are now coming in. Watching how "she" grows is making me wonder exactly how I should train this plant. One Week Later is nothing special at this point. Waiting just waiting.
Oh yea I got a Berry Bomb Auto in the works. Should be ready to go in a day or so. I'll save that for a different log tho. Either way I'm still here. Looking at doing the youtube channel also. I'll wait and see how this goes first.


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Alright Alright I'm back. A Lot has happened so I'm gonna fly thru that and drop the picks at the end. If I keep this going and get a few subscribers I'll post more. I have major plays in the works and want to share the results what ever they may be. On to the good stuff.

OG Valentines Day: Day 28
Topped for the second time. I'm going to attempt to do this grow without SCROG but with similar results using L/HST.
Last week when I was changing the res I saw what looked like specks on the roots. I went and got some H2O2 I guess it worked somewhat. I guess It's sediment buildup, because its not slimy and still a healthy color.
I broke one of the off chutes. It's barely hanging on but is growing up toward the lights again.
I may also have burned a few of the leaves so I guess my lamp is hanging too low. Will adjust again.
Oh, I counted a leaf with 11 fingers! Never seen that before but it has me excited.

One Week Later: Day 21
I topped this one too after some hesitation. Started growing really slow and I thought I jacked this one up. I attempted to FIM but I missed so I Topped, I think. I have 3 cola sites growing dead center but the center most one needs to play a little catch up growing.
Outside of that nothing bad with this one.

I did move theses two out of the closet which wasn't bad but I wanted the reflectivity and the height. I couldn't get that in the closet so I pulled the tent out. Helps soooo much. I'm gonna get a digital ballast b4 I change the light cycle. I'm going to attempt to get a pound a plant without Scrog!
I will either edit this post and put everything in order or be more current in the future. Just know If u see them in the tent those are new pics as of last night. the darker green one is OG Valentines Day. The other is One Week Later.


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It's been a week already and so far so good. As usual I change the res on Sundays. Not sure if I said this before but I've been on a 20/ 4 ight schedule since week 2 I believe. Anyways I've been chopping the hell outta OGV. Attempted the same with OWL and I stunted. Either that or one weeks time combined with supercroping and some LST made that much a difference. Not gonna top anymore. OWL likes to split 3 ways and not 2 or 4. Even tho the 4th is there it just doesn't grow at all. I just hope these are ladies. They grow to well not to be. So I'm gonna start a white widow auto and a red poison auto just in case. I guess I'll let them veg another month or until the get to where the light is now. I also noticed these respond well to nutes in a spray bottle. I use this b4 lights out after I do my trimming and they explode. Give it a try! Enjoy the pics.


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I finally got around to getting my camera out of hiding so everything will be A1 from here on out. I did some LST today after letting them hulk out for a couple days. Mainly because I've been at school. Here's the result.

I wasn't gonna do any LST to OWL at first because I wanted it to catch up but I like the thick stems and bush look. I'm attempting to get the same or better results than a ScrOG set up. Anyway these pictures were just taken (5 hrs later with the new cam).
If you look for the tape on OG you can see where "she" broke and healed up. I want to just let them hulk for the next month but OG has shown me that more play is better than no play. At this rate I wont reach harvest until late june early july maybe. I'm in it tho so KIG


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I'm trying to leave them alone I promise, lol. I just poked my head in to see whats going on. Temp was at 83F with 41% humidity.

Thinking about not changing the res until Mon or Tue. I mean I did just top off yesterday. Anyway, I took these to show the quick recovery from last nights LST session. Still tied down and will adjust after I change the res again. Tomorrow or monday. I gotta check my root action. KIG


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So I read in a few logs that rain water is preferred to tap so I grabbed my 7 gal bucket and sat it out during this storm. Maybe I'll get 3.5 to test this out tomorrow. I also cleaned and filled on bucket for tomorrows res change. I may do it tonight. I wanna flush my roots b4 I change the res. Also I'm going to start using some "bennies". Any suggestions? I'm thinking Tarantula maybe. I got about a week to decide.


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Looking good so far Cloudy :) gonna be subbing in to watch your journey unfold.

Cant help with hydro though im afraid, not delved into that side of things, im a dirty monkey and probably always will be lol
Cant wait to see whats coming next


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So I didn't collect enough rain water to try it out so I'm using the bucket as a bath tub. I woke up poked myhead in and what do I find? That ugly aquarium smell. All non plant's must die! OG is first up in the bath. Here's the pics.


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So here are some pics after the bath. I did add another pump and stone to OG V Day bucket to see if I should just double up on air from now on.

And here is One Week Later going into the bath. Mind you I saw no signs of RR up top. As long as I can manage the plants I think I'm going to start doing this every week. Can't hurt seeing as I have to change the res every week anyway.


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They are not happy with me right now. Roots in much better shape tho. I will be leaving them alone for the rest of the day. I'm thinking bigger bucket but I want all the height I can get. Anyway here's the pics. Any ideas?

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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