1st time grow, Arjan's Haze #3


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whats up man...I want to do a ARJAN GROW...THEY LOOK REALLY SHARP....those little leaves will look like alian fingers for a day or 2 then they will start to look like leaves...mine did the same thing and i was wandering to......great job so far...Ill be watching.............PEACE

haha alien fingers nice.
well a lil' update. Started 12/12 flowering schedule a couple of days ago, the leaves droop like crazy when it goes dark and don't really recover much during the day it seems :/ gotten a fair bit taller. few pics





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looking great man.....my INDICA used to droop after feeding it...but would recover in a couple hrs......maybe its different for hydro...still leaning myself brother....keep up the good work....those leaves look so perfect!!!!!................PEACE


short and beautiful plants bro! cant wait to see the finished product!


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few pics, it's around a week or so after i started the 12/12 now. It's doubled in height or more I dunno. I need to get a timer or something cause I keep forgetting to turn the lights on or off at the correct times haha





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Why do you have your light angled away from your plant?

Can you get it any closer?

Do you have a fan on the plant (if not, you should)?

Yes, if you can't manually switch the light on and off at the correct times then you really need to put it on a timer. Constantly varying the light cycle can cause a female plant to start throwing male flowers (if it is genetically-prone to do so). And it can cause your harvest to be less than it could be (if you end up with a shortened light cycle) or to take a lot longer or even not completely enter flowering (if you end up with a shortened dark one).


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The lights I just raise it up to take the pics, otherwise they come out too bright. Do I need a fan? the door is left open most of the 24 hours, i only close it for small periods of times when I need to, and even then it still has air gaps. but i guess there isn't that much circulation. would I point the fan right towards the plant (at a sensible distance)?
and yah I'll be vigilant bout the times!

*Edit* - I set up a fan, and fed


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the fan was a good idea. that plant is old enough for high speed. get those leaves moving as if there was a breeze outside. It will make the stem alot stronger too! nice work.:439:


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looks nice ... maybe some low stres training!!?

I agree some lst! lst! lst! lst! the plant is looking good and healthy!

For sure! That light looks like it is covering more area than the plant is taking up - which means that part of it is wasted. Train that plant so that it will branch out a little and allow more light down into itself.

You will definitely notice the difference at harvest time.


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hmm I'd never even heard of lst until this thread. makes sense though, but i dunno if I have the time to do it as I know basically nothing about it. if I tied down the tallest part of the plant it would pretty much not get any light due to how long the stem is, is it ok for it to get no light at all apart from normal room light (dull)? I don't even really have enough room for it in my closet with branches tied down. I should have started it earlier. I'll definitely try it next time though unless I see some way of easily making it work now. surprised I didn't see it mentioned when I did my little bit of first indoor growing research

pic from today I noticed the female hair things I believe? i dunno they're really tiny


*Edit* forgot to mention I found a desk lamp hanging around somewhere so I put a 100watt fluorescent bulb in it and have that on the lower parts of the plant. I dunno if it's very useful or not


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congrats on the female! sweet looking plant as well.

good luck with the rest of flowering. cant wait to see your plant covered in buds.



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congrats on the lady,,
i would go with something that has larger Phosphorus number and smaller Nitrogen and Potassium values, but then again im sure there are many different types of ferts that have been used to grow succesfull harvests,, sometimes just gotta make do with what you have or can afford or can find.
good luck on a succesfull grow,, looks great so far,,
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