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1st time grow with T5 on scrog

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So I'm about to start my first grow. I will have a space 2ftx4ft and 4ft high, I'm going with a SCROG setup, and am thinking about using T5 fluorescent. The one I'm looking at will fit perfectly as it's 47in by 22in and holds 8 T5 tubes. I've been doing some research and think this will work pretty good but wanted to ask some more experienced people to see if this set up will work as good as I'm hoping. I'm trying to stay away from the HPS for right now if possible.
The 4' tall space may be a problem. When you have a 12" tall pot and the fixture above that doesn't leave much room for a plant. I do not know how close you can get those T-5's though. I would stay away from HPS with that short of an area for sure.
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Well in my research it says fluorescent light can be with 4 inches from the plant, so unless I'm wrong (which is possible being a first-time grower) my height shouldn't be an issue, but that's why I'm here to find out.
4' ft is gonna be extremely tight for a scrog setup. You need adequate room to access the plants and pots throughout the grow. I had a tent grow that was scrog and even that left for hard access. In a small area with a low height clearance your best best is dwarf autos in an SOG or one LST plant. How are you going to ensure adequate air movement?
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A few small fans on the inside to keep all the moving along with an exhaust fan going out and one coming in. And I thought 4ft was good 12 in pot screen at about 12 in above that and the lights about 4- 8 in above the screen once, so I thought even after the light I'd have about an extra foot of space to mess with stuff but if it's not enough should I go to 5 or 6 feet tall?
I had one heck of a time getting anything in to water the back plants. I ended up using a hose which became a mess, and if you get sick plants under a scrog screen that you cannot reach all the way around you run into troubles too. I would definitely try leave yourself at least an extra ft if not more if you have it just to be able to work comfortably. If you are running a single plant that you could possibly water from above you may be good with 4 ft, but remember your buds will come up some through the screen too before you are done. It will be an extremely tight fit IMO
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Ok cuz I'm starting with just one plant to see how it fills out and how well the set up works. My biggest question was how well the t5 lights will work in this setup.
Positive Grape has a journal in a really tight space, he chose to LST instead of a SCROG. I would say this may be a better option for you as well.
T5's work very well. 4' is short but will work well for a scrog. I would highly recommend growing at least two under the screen. It will take half the time to get 1/3 of the screen filled before switching to 12/12. Not only for less veg time in case of a weak or plant that gives you problems. Remember that a plant grows A LOT during stretch when put into flower so your screen will fill in with about two or three weeks of flowering as long as you keep tucking branches outward. I used a t5 next to a 400 watt hps and had about Equal size and potency buds. They took about a week longer but was worth the wait. Most important if it's your first grow do it and learn. Lst can get you the same results but it's all personal preference. Nute as needed and don't over water..mistakes on my first time. Oh and t5s can be extremely close even touching with a good fan blowing them just make sure they do t get wind burnt or to warm. Happy growing!